Friday, July 18, 2014

The Long & Winding Road

Our journey south the past few days has seen us
 visit 3 more stops along the way.

After the Shady Rest in Houston, BC our next stop was 5 1/2 hours and
 250+ miles down the road in Quesnel, BC.

Roberts Roost RV Park.

The smoke from nearby forest fires created a colorful sunset.

Roberts was nothing to write home about, but a place to spend the night.

And night is the correct word....  we now had darkness at night for sure.
John & Dave were parked next door and Ron was down the block.

Leaving Roberts Roost we traveled further south another 230 miles
and spent the night on the Thompson River at Juniper Beach Provincial Park.
The park is in a desert setting along Trans Canada Highway 1

Its a neat little campground with 30 sites tucked deep in a canyon on
the shore of the Thompson.

The water was quite cool but very refreshing in the 90 degree heat.
Fortunately this provincial park had 30amp hookups.

A rock jetty created a calm spot in the rushing river.

Behind our campsites was a desert Oasis.
This was the place where we said goodbye to John and Dave as they turned west
towards Seattle and we headed East and South towards central Washington.

We had a final cocktail hour with the whole group.

We reminisced about the amazing journey that we have
taken over the last 2 months.
Shared some stories and laughs...
talked about our favorite campgrounds...
counted up the varieties of wildlife that we have seen...
and lamented how fast it has all passed.

And then it was over.

But it is really never over...  
just transitioned to something new..
And we are now transitioning to a new path.

Ron & Maxine are still with us and we traveled another 200+ miles today
and crossed back into the US at Oroville, Washington.

We are staying at a nice little RV park on a River 
who's name I cannot spell or pronounce.   
It is very hot and our ac works overtime on the 30amp connections.

Behind our site is an inviting river but it is really not convenient for taking a dip so it
just flows by taunting me.

So we are now transitioning from our Alaskan Odyssey to our new US journeys.
In 3 days our friends from Switzerland will arrive and we will be a group of 11
(6 adults - 2 kids - 2 doodles and 1 Wannabe Doodle.)

We will spend the next 3 weeks or so at a slightly slower pace exploring 
some of the sights of the Great Pacific Northwest.

At some point I will do an Alaskan Recap and retrospective but to do
it justice I need to have the time to choose the words, the pictures, and the
narrative with the care and thought that it deserves.

It was an amazing time shared with some fine people.
Soon it will be time to plan the next one...
armed with the knowledge that I gained on this trip.

Thanks for riding along and sharing it with us.

Tell the Yukon that we'll be back!


  1. Thank you for letting us come along on your magnificent journey!! Safe travels! Marilyn

  2. Thanks for all the posts. I really looked forward to them and they all were well worth the wait. I don't know of anyone who could have done better.

  3. Loved following you on your Alaskan Journey. Your pictures were GREAT!!! Where next????

  4. What an exciting trip!!! Gorgeous scenery and pictures! Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  5. I loved taking this journey with you guys! Awesome scenery, awesome wildlife & cool places! Glad you all had a blast.



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