Sunday, July 13, 2014

Boya Lake Provincial Park

Time to play a little catch up here.
We left Whitehorse enroute to Teslin Yukon.
It was only 2 1/2 hrs of travel time so after arriving at Teslin at 1030 we decided
to push on to our next nights stop and spend two nights instead.

I've been telling my fellow travelers about Boya Lake and how excited I was to visit there
and our first view of the lake confirmed my expectations.

But first we had to get there...

Our drive day turned out to be another one of those crystal clear, blue sky days
that has been our blessing for so much of this trip.

While at Teslin I just had to get this shot of the bridge one more time.

About 12 miles west of Watson Lake Yukon (remember the sign forest?)
we turned right and said goodbye to the Alaska Highway as we headed south
on the Cassier Highway.

The Cassier is a more remote highway that runs due south closer to the
Pacific Coast.   It is much less traveled and hence a smaller road.
Here is is barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass.

Along the way we saw more wildlife - including a black bear that was up in a tree.
We traveled south for about 87 km and arrived at Boya Lake, our home
for the next 2 days.

The view from our campsite

Boya lake has the most beautiful shades of blue and turquoise.
The colors are much like the Caribbean.
They come from the white sand and shells that cover the bottom of this crystal clear lake.

Another lake-view from our site.

And the view of our RV

Of course this is a remote area and there were no services of any kind.
After an evening campfire we retired to the quiet and the peaceful sounds
of the water gently lapping the shoreline.

In the morning we were greeted with the scent of pine and
the call of the Loons.

Mid morning we rented some canoes and set about 
on a high-seas adventure touring the lake and its many islands.

Just like in the Caribbean, the water color changes with depth.

Looking at our campsite from the water.
Ron & Maxine were to the left around the cove just beyond the picture.

While we paddled about we met a couple in a canoe with their
Golden Doodle Maggie.
Maggie loved the canoe and rode in the center.
She was quite the paddler.

Later that day I snapped this closer picture of Maggie going for a ride.

Meanwhile I went for a couple of swims.
The water was probably close in temperature to that in which
the Titanic sank but a little cool water never bothered me.
I just love to swim and when I see water I have to jump in.

I was not the only water dog however.
Our neighbor had a Weimaraner who just loved to swim and
swam circles around me.

While staying here it was time for me to clean up my act 
so I gave myself a haircut and a mustache trim.

Then once again it was time to move on.
Like so many places that we have visited on this trip it was a bittersweet departure.

The anticipation of new places down the road yet the feeling that we have not
fully digested all that our current locale has to provide.

I can only say again that this place is on the list for a return visit.
In the fall when the Aspen are golden and shimmering in the sun under
a clear blue sky this place just has to be magical.

On Saturday morning we headed about 150 miles south to Iskut, BC.
It was centrally located on the Cassier Highway for our next anticipated stop on Sunday.

Along the way we saw this Moose swimming across a lake.

It begs asking the question:
Why did the Moose swim across the lake?

Perhaps the grass is greener on the other side of the lake.

Further south, after a few hours of dodging potholes and frost heaves,
this view of the road and scenery was taken just prior to arriving at
our stop for the night.  The Mountain View RV Park.
The park was located down the hill near the lake.

Our three rigs side by side for the night.

Ron went fishing down by the lake and caught some whopper rainbows.
He set them all free.

We are now another 150 miles further south at Meziadin Lake Provincial Park.
The road has acquired a center line and has gotten wider.
Civilization is encroaching upon us.

Our trip from Whitehorse to here (about 615 miles)

A - Whitehorse
B -  Boya Lake
C  -   Iskut, BC
D - Meziadin Lk
Our current location has us positioned for a trip to Hyder, Alaska (yes Alaska again)
to Fish Creek to watch the Grizzly Bears feeding on the spawning Salmon.
Then a side trip to the Salmon Glacier.

But that is another days post.

When we leave here it is only about 150km or so and we will be back in Civilization.
Cell Phones and Wifi.  Right now it is being provided by the Provincial Park for $5.00cdn
for the length of our stay.  It is not super fast but a very fair price.

Its hard to imagine that a week from today we will be back in the US and our Alaska
Tour will be ended....   But that too is for another day.


  1. All that water looks so beautiful and cool. Our temps are averaging 100* everyday with little relief at night. I would
    Love to be in an RV next to you. Sounds like it's been a hella of a trip.

  2. I can't believe you went swimming. I'll bet it was cold.

  3. Boya Lake looks so beautiful, but I can't imagine swimming in it! Brrr! Good for you! Glad to read that you are planning a return trip....more photos and blog posts to read! Be safe!

  4. Thanks for the great pics and deets re: Boya Lk. I'm hoping to visit there in July '16 - and that it's a little warmer than the N. Atlantic was on 4-12-12!
    Safe travels to all of you!


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