Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Glacier, Grizzlies & A Stray Horsefly

Continuing South down the Cassiar Highway we spent Sunday and Monday
at Meziadin Lake Provincial Park in BC.

One indication that we were getting closer to Civilization was that
the road changed from un-lined.

To being marked with center stripe and shoulder stripes.

Leaving the permafrost behind, we also said good riddance to
potholes and frost heaves as the road conditions improved markedly.

There was no loss of beauty however.

Sunday around noon we rolled into Mezidian Lake.
This is John & Daves site down below by the water.

On Monday all of us except John piled into my truck and we drove down
to Stuart BC/Hyder, Ak to see the bears at Fish Creek.

The Salmon run starts around mid-July and when the Salmon show up
the Grizzlies are right behind.

The National Forest has installed viewing platforms to watch the Grizzlies feed.
Unfortunately the Salmon had not yet arrived so we did not get to see any bears.
Had there been fish, there would have been mothers teaching cubs how to fish,
and all sorts of bears chasing the Salmon in the shallow stream.

The day was not a loss however.   Fish Creek was still a beautiful stop, and I had one
more trick up my sleeve....

Salmon Glacier.
Below we are near the foot of the glacier.

Salmon Glacier is the 3rd largest in North America.
We took a 17 mile dirt road that climbed up about 1,000' or so
above the Glacier affording us magnificent views.

Below Ron is perched on a ledge.

Then Kate & I on that same ledge

The photographer becomes the photographed.

As the glacier carves its way down to the sea, it creates debris trails in the ice field.

The truck is poised for takeoff.

Truly a majestic view!

Now look closely at this picture.
We were being pestered by horseflies while up there and if
you look closely you can see on in front of Kates eye just as I snapped this photo.

Everywhere is a stream flowing down the mountainside.

And a snowcave to cool off.

This morning (Tuesday July 15) we headed another 200 miles south and finally completed
the Cassiar Highway.
Lest you think we had left Bear Country, this Grizzly ran right across the road
in front of us.   It then paralleled us as we drove slowly next to him.

He did not seem pleased with our presence.

The end of our day found us at the Shady Rest RV Park in Houston, BC.
It is a very pretty place with tons of flowers all over the park.

The lady checking us in was very friendly and efficient.

We are now back in cell service territory and our interactive map is updating
We are about 1/2 way thru BC and expect to be back in the States on Friday the 18th.

And...  its getting dark once again.   
Its currently 10:30pm and its almost dark out.
It seems so strange.   I don't like it.
Oh well.  Its dark so that means it must be time to go to bed.


  1. I'm glad you explained the horsefly, it looked like Kate had a black eye.

  2. How funny is the horsefly! I love the picture with the reflection of the mountain in the water. That's one you frame. Looking forward to seeing you guys! Have a safe trip back home



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