Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yellowstone Day 2

Our travels into the Park today was another mixture of colors, wildlife,
thermal springs, and scenery.

On the way to our first stop we came across two large bull Elk grazing alongside
of the Gibbon River.

After enjoying them for a while we continued north to the Norris Geyser Basin.

The view from above before you descend into the basin.

At the bottom...  more colors.
Todays colors are a bit more pastel compared to yesterday.

The colors come from a mixture of minerals and algae that manage to thrive in
the hot springs.

After Norris, we headed over to the Canyon area of the park to visit
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

The colors of the Canyon wall are always a crowd pleaser.

The Falls however are the main event!

This is the view from Artists Point.

A closeup with the telephoto.
You can see the viewing platform on the right side where we were
just a few minutes earlier.

 Artists point was also the setting for todays self portrait.
Unfortunately Kates Melon is blocking the falls!

After the falls, we set off for the Hayden Valley...
Named after a friend of mine..
In search of elusive wildlife.

On the way we spotted this trio of Bison.

The wildlife has been spotty this trip...
I think the mild winter has allowed a lot of the game to remain in the high country
and out of site.

This is a view of the Hayden Valley.
One of the most beautiful places on mother Earth.
I never get tired of seeing this view!

A bit upstream from the Hayden Valley along the Yellowstone River...
We found a quiet spot to hang for a few.

Todays journeys was a bit rushed... I had a Ton of work issues to deal with
that consumed much of my day so we were unable
 to see all that I had scheduled.

Tomorrow is July 4th so I will have the whole day 
to get caught up on my other job...
Western Tour Guide.

We will continue the search for wildlife by revisiting the Hayden Valley, plus
tour Yellowstone Lake and visit some of the Thermal Springs in the
West Thumb Area.

Andy Griffith....  RIP


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Can you imagine how Jim Bridger felt when he first saw this area? No wonder no one believed him at first. What river creates the falls.

  2. Greg...this is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH...and I have not yet been here. Thank you for naming this Hayden Valley, your photos are so beautiful. Someday my friend...someday...
    Thank you so much, and Happy 4th of July 2012


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