Monday, July 2, 2012

The Colors of Yellowstone

Last night was pretty interesting...
About 9pm or so we went from a calm cool night to screaming gales in the span
of about 30 seconds.
The winds howled for a couple of hours and then calmed down.
We are waiting to see it tonight the scenario repeats or not.

We woke up bright and early and enjoyed a relaxing morning topped of with
some Oscars Bacon & Egg Sandwiches.

After walking the Doods we headed off to our first full day with Paul in
my favorite place on this Earth...  Yellowstone National Park.

I've been here at least 30 times and I've often said that I
never get tired of Yellowstone.... Today was no exception.
Everytime that I visit it blows me away!

First we found a nice quiet stream.

As usual...  I had to get my feet wet...

Paul found a warm sunny spot for reflection...

Kate went in search of that perfect shot...
She found this Dragonfly.

After all of this we had worked up a hunger and it was off to the Yellowstone Lodge
for Lunch.  If you've never seen the lodge you can see pictures in our blog last June.
It's a beautiful old historic building.

Paul & I both had some yummy Bison Burgers, and Kate had some sort
of Pear & Proscuito Panini.

After lunch it was outside and a short walk to see Old Faithful...
the site of todays Self Portrait.

I continue to ponder the question:
Does Old Faithful erupt when I'm not there?

We topped off our day with a visit to the Midway Geyser Basin,
and the main event there - The Grand Prismatic Spring.

The source of todays blog title...

I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Tomorrow its back to the park to visit:
The Norris Geyser Basin,
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone,
Yellowstone Lower Falls,
The Hayden Valley (named after a friend of mine) in search of wildlife,
Yellowstone Lake,
and the West Thumb Geyser Basin.

See you tomorrow.


  1. awesome pics! I'm sure it was even more amazing in person. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Continue to be safe & enjoy the rest of your trip! love you all!!


  2. Does Old Faithful erupt when you're not there? That is an age old question and since I'm ages old, I know the answer oops! I think I just forgot it.

  3. You've outdone yourself with today blog! Pictures are totally awesome! Glad you are all having such a good time! T

  4. Great images. We're getting ready for dinner - Steak Ranchero, grilled stuffed jalapeños, steamed broccoli, and basmati rice. Then fresh homemade apple pie à la mode!

    What's for supper at Greg's house tonight?

  5. All I can say is.....OH MY GOSH....BEAUTIFUL EARTH.
    Thank you


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