Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eastbound and down

We are now back in travel mode.
On Saturday we drove from Grand Teton to
Ft Collins Colorado.

We had some really unusual Colorado weather in that it poured rain upon
our arrival Saturday evening and continued to rain all night and much of Sunday.

We took Paul up to Estes Park to see Rocky Mountain National Park but
unfortunately the clouds obscured the main attraction of the park...
The mountains.

So instead we did some window shopping, people (girl) watching,
and went to Penelopes for some Burgers.

Paul had another Bison Burger....  yum.

On Monday I made a farewell breakfast for Paul...
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs,
We spent a leisurely morning, and left our campground at exactly 11am which
was check out time.

Before leaving however, we needed to get a picture of the birds nest
in a corner above the door to the Mens Room.

We then drove an hour and a half to Denver International where I navigated our rig
among all of the rushing travelers were we dropped Paul
off curbside, and then continued out of the airport and headed east on I70.

It was pretty funny to watch the cops as we drove into the airport with our rig.
They all at first looked a bit surprised then smirked as I gave them a wave 
as we passed them by. 
 I don't think they see a lot of 56' long, 13' 6" tall
 5th wheel combos there!

Kate and I then drove about 300 miles to Cedar Bluff State Park in the middle of Kansas.
It was a nice little Oasis of trees and water in the middle of the Treeless Plains.

We had a wonderful cool breeze blowing and finished off the day
with a beautiful sunset over the vast prairie.

Today we woke up early, packed up camp and were on the road by 0830.
This was the view from our campsite this morning

We had about 470 miles to drive and we arrived at our current locale - 
Graham Cave State Park in Missouri around 430pm.

We are tucked into a dense Oak Forest on the side of a mountain, and have the
campground to ourselves...  no one else is here.

It was 94 degrees when we arrived and the campground only has 30amp
service so I have to manage our power usage so as to not
blow the power box supplying the coach.

Run both A/C's but not the microwave...
Turn off one A/C to make coffee...  etc

Tomorrow we have a short day - only about 275 miles
to another state park - this one on a lake in Indiana.

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