Friday, July 20, 2012

Back to the shore

Well if you haven't guessed it by the silence...
we are back in the Beauzone.

We arrived home Monday July16.

We left Shawnee SP in Pennsylvania Friday morning and drove 4.5hrs to
visit with friends Hayden, Radeen, Eric & Pat who own Sailboats
that are currently in Rock Hall, Md.

Our Self portrait of the day

To celebrate our arrival there was of course some bubbly

during the day we enjoyed the hospitality of the marina and took advantage of
a beautiful swimming pool.

At night we enjoyed dinner aboard Island Spriit one night and
in our coach (Monty Hall?) another night.

The view out the back window was a bonus.
Across the bay at night was the lights of Baltimore.

Alas..  all good things must come to an end.

Hayden & Radeen were off to Cape May to Celebrate 32yrs of wedded bliss,
Pat & Eric back to Pa to plan their next adventure
Kate & Greg back to Beaufort to park the rig for now.

The morning of departure

Our drive home took about 9.5 hrs and was uneventuful.
Home was just like we left it.

It's sad each time I pull the pin on the 5th wheel at the end of a trip.
Each day when traveling has a purpose and a plan.

Trying to squeeze in the demands of a full time job with the added rigors of
traveling keeps me extremely busy from the minute that I get up to the minute
that my head hits the pillow.

I love the pressure combined with the uncertainty of what our next port of
call will look like.  The constant change.

Getting home is a culture shock.

anyway - thats my next blog.

When I gather my thoughts I'd like to try and recap some of the places that
we've been, the wonderful people that we've met, and the actual numbers from the trip...
Miles traveled... etc.

For now...  I have to go scrub the sailboat...  the birds have made it a mess!


  1. welcome back home - really enjoyed your travels. Hope you have a good summer. We've decided that we are not visiting up your way this summer so maybe next year we will.

  2. We are happy you are home!! I would say more but my mind isn't working properly at the moment thanks to Kate :) Kim

  3. Greg and has been a wonderful trip and I know what you mean about getting home and the shock. It is a real change from the traveling life to the "normal" life and I am wondering which one is the normal one. The more you travel the more normal that life becomes. Enjoy the SPACIOUS HOME and endless water and power. Thank you for making the effort to divert to RHMD to see us.

  4. Ok, better this morning. I did want to tell you I will miss your blog posts and pictures, even though I did not comment on every one of your posts, I did read them all and enjoyed them. Kim


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