Friday, November 25, 2011

The Toilet Paper Calculations

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Minus our loved ones, we sure did and thanks to technology we got to visit via skype with them. Capt John had life sized cutouts made of he and Jonathan and had them surprise delivered for Thanksgiving dinner. Pretty funny. What a great idea!

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, we all went to Morrisons yesterday for some last minute shopping and the boat is now packed with supplies in every nook & crannie (deja vu Bill?).

But what you might not have considered are the thought processes that go into provisioning. Yesterdays conversation at breakfast revolved around our need to top off the TP supply. John has a detailed list of everything on board, how many are left, and where they are located so we needed to determine how much to buy.... Hence the The Toilet Paper Calculations.

We planned on 5 days from here to Tenerife for 3 men, then from the Canaries we are provisioning for 20 days, 4 men & one woman. After designing the algorithm we ran the calculations and an hour later the tired computer stopped smoking, spit out the answer and off we went.

So today's question... If you were us how many rolls would you have planned for?

Greg Kerlin

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  1. 126! 6 rolls x 7 weeks =42 x 3 men!= 126 hahaha!maybe more.


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