Friday, November 18, 2011

Ready to go

34.768N 76.672W
Winds Calm Seas Flat 38F
Course O degrees 0kts

In a little over 48hrs I'll be off to Spain.
I'm sitting here in the warmth of my kitchen testing the Satellite link that I will use for the blog so I figured I might as well make a post to see how it will look in the email format that i will be using.

I will not be able to see the blog or correct any formatting or spelling while posting from sea so you'll need to forgive the errors and just focus on the story.

I will start each blog just like this one with our position, the time the position was taken, (in Zulu which is Greenwich Mean Time or more precisely UTC for you time nerds.) and the general weather conditions. Since our entire existence revolves around the weather when at sea, the current conditions give you an insight into our world.

There will also be no pictures posted while at sea due to bandwith limitations so I'll try to paint a verbal one for you. I promise to upload some of our great fish catches when we are in port.

My very preliminary itinerary is as follows: Sunday 11/20 1805 fly to London then to Madrid. Cab to Train Station for a 1700 local time train to Seville. Hoping to catch an earlier one if I can get from the airport to train station quicker. After 2.5hr highspeed train ride arrive in Seville. Capt John and his son Jonathan will stay in the same hotel. It's now Monday night.

Tuesday 11/22 Capt Johns tour service shows us the Seville highlights then we drive 2.5hrs to JaySeaDee in Gibraltar. Weds I get acquainted with the boats systems, Thursday is Turkey day. (John special ordered one) Friday is Jonathans 21st birthday, and Saturday weather permitting we cast off for the approx 4-day trip to the Canary Islands.

We will pick up two more crewmates and stay in the Canaries till about 12/5 when we will shove off for the long leg to Grenada, hoping to arrive in Grenada around Dec 22.

So get ready... It's time once again to fire up the old blog. You can leave comments on the blog - I will see them when I get to port. In the meanwhile please drop Kate a line from time to time as she's going to be sitting home and I know she'd love to hear from everyone.

Hope you enjoy the ride.


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