Monday, March 6, 2017

Honey - I sold the house!


A lot has happened since our last post.

I've converted my pickup into a mini truck camper.
The addition of a cap and a wooden platform in the bed gives us the ability
to make quick side trips away from the Bus for a few days.

The platform installs or removes in 2 minutes

Under construction

Storage underneath,
An air mattress on top, and we are ready to roll.

We also have a small tent that can go over the end of the truck for use
in inclement weather.

This was done in preparation of our departure in May for Alaska, and our desire
to travel some of the rough roads where I'd rather not, or its impossible, to take the motorhome.

Once we have had our fill of roughing it - it's back to the mothership for
Roughing it in Style.

The house sold

The house has been for sale for a couple of years.
We did not need to sell so we waited for the right buyer to come along...

And all of a sudden she did.
And needed us to move in 30 days...

Well we got our price so it was time to make hay.
We've done this many times before so we are somewhat of a well oiled moving machine,
and about 2 weeks after the contract was signed, we had already
done the following:

Sold the boat and Kates Car
Sold all the furniture with a few exceptions
Boxed up all our belonging.
Packed the Bus for 2 years of life on the road.

Having the proper tools helps make the job easier and speeds up the process.

The dogs - especially Gracie have been "tweaked" and are on high alert.
They know something is going on so they are staying closer nearby than usual.

If I need to find Gracie - I only need to look over my shoulder.

We are sitting on camp chairs and sleeping on an air mattress.
Queen sized at that...   Tight with 2 people and two Real Estate hungry Doodles.

Having gotten way ahead of the curve we were able to enjoy
 some time off visiting with friends.
Our first visitor in this house - our friend Matt, made the 14hr drive south to
spend one last time in the Beaufort, and completed the first and last visitor bookend.

Friends threw parties for Kate and I completing an action packed month.

Soon the movers came...

Just as the movers utilized every nook and cranny in their truck,
I utilized this "nook" of time to finish giving the doodles
a comb out and hair cut in preparation for baths.

Lucy ready for her turn
They might not be pretty but they sure smell purdy!

So its now Monday morning and we are ready to leave.
Our docs have already been signed and the proceed$ will be wired to us.
I just have one last appointment at 1pm and then we will be wheels up.

To all of our friends and neighbors - Kate and I both have to express our gratitude
and appreciation for the outpouring of love and friendship you all have shown to us,
as well as the many years of stress free living that we have enjoyed here.
You all have enriched our lives!

We now have some BIG plans and adventures ahead of us.
Alaska this Spring/Fall
The Queen Mary 2 to Europe with the Doodles next spring
And a lot more sandwiched in between.

Free of the worries of a house thousands of miles away...
The sky is the limit!

Stay tuned.


  1. Congratulations to the Traveling Kerlins and the Doods! You accomplished it all with enough time to say Farewell to your Beaufort friends. Well done, my friends! Couldn't be any appier for you both.....the open road awaits! XOXO!

    1. Thanks Ray. The open road awaits for you both as well if we can drag you away from the tropics. :=)
      Fair winds.

  2. P.S. The Doods looks a bit their haircuts!

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two are the most adventurous couple I know of, and those kids, the DOODLEs, we all just love. Radeen and I will always have a very very very warm place in our hearts for your NC home and for all the fun times we shared there with you all. That became a must stop for our many years of the ICW North and South. Know it that you can run, but you cannot hide because we can find you. BIG CONGRATS

  4. Safe travels and we'll see you down the road.

    1. hopefully sooner rather than later you two.

  5. Congrats, not having to worry about a house makes life easier, we are just three months into our three year journey to decide if we want to have an anchor someplace or just keep traveling. Time will tell.

    1. Time will tell for sure - but yes - not worrying about the house will be a BIG added benefit.

  6. Safe travels you four! So glad I got to spend some time with you all before you left. Hope to catch up with you on the "trail" at some point. xoxo to all, Sue B

    1. We'll leave a trail of bread crumbs for you to follow and catch up to us! 😀 🚌🚕

  7. Thought the tears had dried until I read this. Here I go again. Love and miss you already

    1. No tears. Lots of fun in our futures. 😎

  8. Congratulations. Looking forward to reading about y'alls Alaska trip! We're heading up in 2019, after retiring, with our '15 Phaeton 40QBH. Hopefully we can pickup some good tips.

    1. Thanks John, If you go back in our blog to May 2014 you will see a lot of info from our last trip. We plan on hitting some of the same places but for longer this trip plus a lot of new spots.


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