Thursday, March 23, 2017

Finally Done

The last 5 1/2 weeks has been a whirlwind.
From Contract to sell the house...
to packed, closed, moved..

We left you in Livingston Texas where we had arrived to get our residency
set up, insurances changed etc.

Our continuing quest now had us leaving Livingston, Texas.
New Temporary licenses in our pockets...
and license plates on the vehicles.

We were back on the road  having accomplished everything,
about 40hrs after arriving.
We came, we saw, we licensed.
We were a blur!

Saturday morning we drove 400 miles west to The Buckhorn Lake Resort,
 nestled in the Texas Hill Country in Kerrville, Texas.

We really enjoy the area and this park is very nice.
Last year we spent a week here during our Fall westward migration.
They often have dinner theaters, and country western headliners.

Sunday morning we were back on the road west bound.
Today would be the day were we leave the humidity of the east behind and
enter the vast arid regions of the American west.

Notice the greenery in the photo below.

We had company on the highway this morning.
The Budweiser Clydesdale Trucks (3 semis)
came barreling by...

 followed by a chase van.

Notice how the landscape has turned color signifying that we are in the dryer region.
In just a hundred miles or so the climate changes. 

Up ahead you can see the Budweiser Gang.

Those of you who have watched The Shawshank Redemption a few hundred
times like me will recognize the road sign...

Fort Hancock Texas.
Where Andy Dufresne, and then Red, crossed the border to Mexico.

We spent the night in Van Horn, Texas at the old KOA, now private.
Its a dusty campground but not much else convenient in this area of west Texas,
and its easy on and off I-10, all pull thrus so no need to unhook the toad,
and a Pilot Truck Stop at the exit if you need to fill up.

We've been wasting no time heading west because this has been a very rainy season
and the spring wildflowers have been in what is known as a "SuperBloom"...
A once every couple of decades explosion of spring color.

Crossing New Mexico we got a taste of hopefully what will still be waiting when we 
get to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

These tiny Poppies make the most of the past rains.

A 470 mile day brought us to Benson, Az and Kartchner Caverns State Park.
We normally come here in December to celebrate Kates birthday at the
German Cafe in Sierra Vista.
I would also get my CDL physical here.

This time it was a quick overnight and then a dash to
Casa Grande, Az as I had a conference call at work that I needed to get
settled in time to attend.

Casa Grande is the end of the beginning....
What started with the signing of the contract to sell the house,
ends here with the storeroom that we would unload our stuff into.

The cart is outside of my storage room.

Temperature controlled, each storage unit is also alarmed.
I have a lock on it, but if anyone tried to open it, the alarm goes off.
The facility has an on-site manager who lives there and all the corridors
have cameras so that they can see exactly what is going on 24/7

All of this was moved out of the bus and the pickup.

So as of this evening...   we have reached the end of the beginning.
We are done with the work of transitioning from the world we've known,
and are now full-time RV'ers.

Since we were usually on the road much of the year anyway, its less of a change
than one might think...  but it still feels very free.

To celebrate - I had a crew come and wash and wax the bus.
And then that very night....   it rained!

That tree behind us has beautiful fragrant flowers, and like all desert plants,
the seeds travel in the wind and cling to what ever they touch.

By morning the clean bus was covered with yellow flowers!

The Doodles have made the transition to full timing with no effort.

We'll spend a few more days here in Casa Grande.
We are going to run up to Phoenix (about 40 miles) to go to Ikea...
(Kate wants to start refilling the bus)
and then I've found what is supposed to be a great German Food Resturant.

I've been dieting since November and so far have lost over 70 lbs...
I think its time for a treat!

Next stop is Lake Pleasant where we will hook up with our good
friends Jim & Kristi.

See you there.


  1. Kate and IKEA... oh the memories!

    Looks like we are now officially neighbors so let me say WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD! Rainbow Drive has worked out well for us and I hope it will for you as well.

    We are now settled in NC for the next 30 days and we've been welcomed by pine pollen. We are both fighting allergies to it. And, like you, just after getting the RV and truck washed they are now both covered with that unsightly yellow powder. UGH!

    Oh, the Clydesdales... how cool!!!

    Sounds like you guys are getting a move on. I wish you luck with the superbloom. Last year was supposedly a superbloom and after hearing so much about it in the news and being so close by we rushed off for a day trip to Death Valley to see this magnificent explosion only to be highly disappointed. Perhaps it had been more spectacular a day or two earlier but what we saw was nothing to brag about. I've seen several photos from this years superbloom and it looks more enticing than last year in my opinion. Enjoy!!! Oh and tell Jim and Kristi hello from us.

    Safe travels...

  2. You are making us anxious to get on the road again. We'll catch up with you one of these days.

  3. I won't tell Kemp she went to Ikea! That's blasphemous around here lol!! Enjoy your treat and keep up the good work! Be safe and have fun!


  4. Greg and Kate: BIG BIG BIG congrats on the transition to fulltime RVers. That is really really cool. It has to be a free feeling and liberating getting rid of the house. We will miss your home because you both treated us to some very fond memories there, but now we can find you on the road and maybe we too some day will get an RV. Glad to hear Momma Kate will restock the bus, next you will need a second storage box. The kids look happy, just think of all the great outdoor smells they will get to enjoy as they run and play. Happy hids, happy wife...happy RV life! Congrats my friend, and super congrats on the 70lbs. WOW, that is so good for you.

  5. Happy, happy, happy for you and Kate! Kate...found a poem for you!

    Moving On

    There comes a time when we are expected to grow up
    and move on with our lives.
    That doesn't mean I have to say good bye to you my

    We've spent the past few years learning together
    how to over come life's struggles.
    Sharing laughter in the good times.
    Learning to be supportive of each other
    and in the process how to care for those around us.

    Together we've learned that life has it's ups and downs.
    But treat it like a roller coaster,
    throw your hands in the air and enjoy the ride...

    Yes, my friend, it's time for us to move on
    in this journey of life.
    Even though our speparate journey's
    may take us to opposite ends of the world always know that
    you are my friend for life

  6. Sounds amazing! I'm happy for you both! T


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