Sunday, June 15, 2014

Top of the World Highway

Yesterday (Friday the 13th) we broke camp at 0800, said goodbye
to Dawson, and headed up and out of the Yukon River Valley
on the Top of the World Highway.  
Our destination...  Alaska.

Here is the YouTube Drivelapse of the Drive.

The Top of the World Highway is a dirt road over 100 miles long that
runs along the mountain ridge tops from Dawson City to Chicken, Alaska.

Below you see it stretching off to the horizon.   A view that repeated itself
over and over during the 100 miles.

It is a scenic drive but probably not for everyone.
We all enjoyed it.

The road is dusty and while in pretty good condition on the Canadian side,
when you cross over the border into the US it is narrow and rough.
The first 13 miles on the US side were getting repaired and consisted
of some pretty rough rock that still needed a finer course laid on top.

It crosses thru some very remote country..  we passed only a few cars
the first 75 miles - and there are no services or cell service so you better be ready to fix
what ever breaks on your own.

You are however, rewarded with beautiful vistas all along the way.

We had contemplated boon docking overnight on top but the forecast was for
rain moving in and this road is not where you want to be in the rain as it gets
very soft and slippery, so we pressed on and camped for the night 
about 20 miles west of Chicken at the West Fork BLM Campground.

Since I was running Front Door (lead vehicle)  I was able to stop
and get photos of the dust bunnies (Ron/Maxine & John/Dave) 
chasing me across the mountain tops.

Kate took this picture out the window while we drove.

76 miles from Dawson you approach the border.
The blue/green buildings (center) are Canadian and US Customs.

After 5 dusty hours we finally found some pavement and then a few miles after that
the West Fork BLM Campground.
There was only one other RV there besides ourselves so we pretty much had
the place to ourselves and the mosquitos.
I wore my mosquito head net last night for the first time.

Opening the RV we found the inside completely covered in a thick layer of dust.
Kate took it in stride and gave everything a good wipe down and today
she gave the place a good vacuuming.

Dust, dirt, mud....  
all a part of the Alaska Experience.

We are now camped about 120 miles north of Anchorage.  Tomorrow the plan
is to drop down closer and spend a few days.

I expect to get the truck serviced, (I have over10,000 miles logged since leaving home)
plus I've got a few power ports blown in the truck.  My Rand GPS has been blowing
fuses for some reason...   time to turn it into a frisbee.

See you in Anchorage.


  1. Oh GREG!!!! There certainly are good parts and not so good parts. I can't believe the rig was covered w/ dust inside? Where'd it get in? The slides? Ugh!!!!!
    Love your pictures, every single cotton picking one.
    Hi to Kate. Kisses to Doodles!

    xoxoxo Kristi

  2. I was hoping for a selfie with the mosquito net on! I can't believe dust gets inside like that. Can't wait to see Anchorage! Tell Kate & the doodles a big ol southern "hey y'all" lol


  3. Also, I love the drive lapse video. Very cool. I really like you & Kate in "fast mode" towards the end ! Lol


  4. The West Fork Campground, mosquitoes, and Top of the World Highway! Your story was exactly like ours. I loved it! When we got to the West Fork, we opened the door to the Monty and got buried in the dust avalanche. We spent the next hour sweeping, shoveling and vacuuming the dust. I can't believe we left any behind, because I thought we picked it all up. Glad to know we left some behind for you! I imagine you'll be bringing some of it back to the states.

    Same for the mosquitoes. Be sure to protect any and all open orifices!

    Thanks for the memories!

  5. It's certainly been fun following along!

  6. Looks and sounds like you are having fun. See you with your jackets on. You're missing the sunny south. Going to be in the mid to upper 90's all week here. HOT, HOT, HOT...


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