Friday, June 6, 2014

Icefield Parkway Drivelapse Video

A couple of weeks ago when the drove the beautiful Icefield Parkway, I promised
that I would upload a drivelapse video.

Well its been an absolute bear to get it uploaded in these bandwidth deprived
parts...  but I finally did it!

For some reason however...  it does not appear to be in HD.

I will have to go back and recheck my settings and fix it later but none the less,
below is the embedded video...


This drivelapse video consists of about 14,000 still pictures taken at one
second intervals over a period of several hours.

Then all the pictures are imported to my computer, stitched together into a video,
music added, and some other processing, then uploaded to uTube.

Getting it ready to upload was the easy part.
Uploading it.....  that was the challenge.

We are now in Skagway Alaska which was the jumping off point for
the fortune seekers during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Its a town loaded with history and also a port for all the Cruise Ships
that sail the coast of Alaska so it is truly and interesting and beautiful place.

More about Skagway on my next post.


  1. Hi Greg, loved the video, I was a little confused buy the title page, said May 27, 2012, lol

    Love following a long, wish I was there.

  2. GREAT video!!!!! Loved it! Eric and I (with four others) bicycled the Icefields Parkways from Jasper to Banff. An incredible trip with snow in August! Have you ever seen that color of water anywhere else in the world? Incredible. Again, great video. Thanks.

  3. That video was so cool! Karen

  4. Fantastic video, loved the music mix too!


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