Sunday, June 1, 2014

Liard River to Teslin, Yukon

Once again we were packed up and on the road by 0830.

Our destination for the day was to be a Yukon Govt Campground just west of Watson Lake.

First thing this morning we saw Black Bear and Bison on several occasions.

I went by this big boy real slow in case he decided to move into our path.

IMG 4766

After a couple hours drive we arrived in Watson Lake - home of the Sign Forest.

Watson Lake is an important junction on the Alcan.  It was here back in 1942 that a home sick soldier hung up a sign of his home town.

Soon others hung up signs and the Forest was born.   Today there are about 80,000 signs from all over the world.

The forest must cover about 3 or 4 acres

DSC 7167

DSC 7134

The three rigs all made a sign last night and today we found vacant spots and hung our signs.

DSC 7141

DSC 7148

We used to own a cabin in Lake George and the company that I work for has a branch office there.

Several of my readers will appreciate that sign.

DSC 7166

And so Margie….  As Paul Harvey used to say - “That is the rest of the story"

After the sign forest we were supposed to drive only another 46 clicks or so but our campground turned out to be closed.  Might be too early in the season - not sure.

Instead we pushed on another 170 clicks or so to Teslin, Yt and the Teslin Motel RV Park.

It is right on the lake and is a good spot to catch up on some wifi needs.

The Park is located at this end of the bridge.

DSC 7197

Three ducks in a row as usual.

DSC 7193

The view from our site.

DSC 7192

Due to the longer than expected drive today we will have a short 2 hrs  drive tomorrow.

We’ll be staying in Whitehorse which is the capital of the Yukon and where over 60% of the population of this massive province live.

There is quite a bit to do and see there so it will be nice to stay put for a few days while we check out the area.

Our map should be updated with our current location, and has been updating periodically…  check it out.

The weather has been great and the bugs thus far not too bad.

Road conditions have been fine and we still have satellite radio in the cab.

 It started to get a bit intermittent today as the angle to the satellites get closer to the horizon. just before we arrived in Teslin so I think

it might be starting to go bye bye.  Might be time to sync the iTunes to the radio.

Michaela - I looked up your friends here in Teslin but i don’t think that they are here anymore. 

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  1. Hey, that is a cool sign all carved into a tree slab, nice work! I like the Doodles signature as well. Soon you will have 24 hour days or close to it. What a fantastic trip. It may be too remote for me....not sure yet.


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