Friday, May 9, 2014

Where are we?

Ok...  Two things.

First, I've added a cool new feature.
Actually it's been re-added.

If you look over on the immediate right hand side you will see the question:
"Where are we today?"  in Yellow typeface...

Under that in Blue type is a link for you to click.
"Click here to see a real time map......."

Clicking on the link will bring up a map that is usually updated every
5 minutes and will show our current position and travels throughout the day.

You can even select a longer time period and see our travels over days and weeks.
It just started to update today so there is only one days worth of data right now
but as we move north to Alaska the map will get more interesting.

I had something like this before using Google Latitude but then Google
stopped supporting Latitude so now I'm using Spotwalla and reporting location from
an app on my iPhone.

Anyone who is interested in this for your blog send me an email.
Props go to my Buddy Hayden who is using Spotwalla with a Spot Satellite reporter.
It was Hayden and his telecommuting that opened up the whole world
of working from Sailboats or RV's to me.

Now...  number two.

I had a bunch of emails asking about the Marmots that are keeping the
Doodles entertained.

Kinda reminds me of Bill Murray and Caddyshack.
Can't you just hear the music?
Kenny Loggins..  I'm alright....

There are dozens of these little furry rodents here.

Its kind of funny - they come out in the morning... peak around 3 pm
and then by Marmot Rush Hour... 5pm... they disappear.
Must need to go home to cook...

It's a hoot!

The Hills are alive... with the sound of Marmots....

Just like Pica, Prairie Dogs, and others...   They let out a high pitched
chirp when danger appears.

So of course when the Mighty Hunting Doodles come walking down the road with me
the Marmots all sound the alarm.

As I type this - Lucy is at the screen door (for hours) looking outside at the Marmots.
Gracie is up on the couch looking out the window.

It is a good feeling knowing that we are safe....
That the Doodles are keeping a watch for us....

Alas....  if only the furry little rodents knew.
They could probably open up a can of Whoopass on Doodle butt
and send my furry little girls running home with tails between their legs.

Anyway -  Back to number one...

Check out our "where are we today?" link.
Keep it in mind as we head to Alaska.
I think it will be some cool new content to the blog.


  1. That is great to see Spotwalla used with your phone. Very cool. Hey, protect the Love Doodles at all cost.

  2. Looking forward to watching your progress.

  3. Lewis mentioned that he should come out and help the Doods on Marmot patrol!

  4. Ha! They need all the help that they can get!

  5. I have been following along since January of last year (follower 81), but have not posted but a couple of times.

    The map did not appear when I first clicked the link. However, when I clicked on the Tools menu of Windows Explorer 10, then selected Compatibility View, the map appeared without any problem. Thought I would mention this in case anyone else has the same problem.

    Thanks for mentioning the application. It reminds me of APRS tracking used by Ham radio operators.

    I am looking forward to going along on the cyber ride to Alaska! Sure beats an AZ summer.

    Bruce H.


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