Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Day in Banff

Our time in Banff was well spent.

First stop was the lift up Sulphur Mountain to enjoy the splendid views of a magnificently beautiful area.

DSC 6919

In spite of the cloudy weather the view from the top was splendid.

We were camped in the center of the photo behind the small mountain.

DSC 6934


At the top - our gang posed for a group photo.

IMG 4543

Our next stop back down the hill was the Banff Springs Hotel.

Built in the late 19th and early 20th century and like many of the great American park lodges,

the BSH was built by the railroad in order to spur passenger traffic on their line.

IMG 4602 

It was stunning inside and out.

Visting some of the shops we enjoyed many wonderful art works.

These two carvings caught my eye.

IMG 4576 

 The above is carved from Moose Antlers


Below is a carving of two male Big Horn Sheep…  carved from a Big Horn Sheep Horn.

IMG 4574

After visiting the Inn, we then headed down to the Bow River.

You can see a kayak that had just put into the water. 

IMG 4611

Next it was a late lunch (Fondue) and then back to the campground to visit with some other local friends.

These little guys always entertain the Doodles.

IMG 4590

Our Memorial Day weekend was now over and it was time to say goodbye to Pat & Rob as it was time to resume our journey North.

Today we drove 170 miles further North to Jasper, Alberta.

This however will be Tomorrows post.

The ride to Jasper on the Icefield Parkway was one of the most beautiful and amazing journeys I’ve ever taken

It needs to be covered when I have better internet and more time to give it the justice that it deserves.

Stay tuned for an incredible ride!


  1. Wow, what gorgeous pics! The carvings were amazing. So awesome you guys can travel with friends, definatly makes the journey more enjoyable! Safe travels to all!


  2. Those carvings were magnificent. Bill carves and I how difficult it is.

  3. As always, beautiful photos beautiful scenes. Your trip is shaping up as planned. Congrats! Love the blogging.

  4. I could not agree with you more! When we traveled the Icefield Parkway, I could not keep my eyes on the road. It makes our Rocky Mountains pale in comparison. Hope you got a chance to walk out on the Athabascan Glacier. Well worth it!


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