Friday, May 16, 2014

Coeur D' Alene

After 10 days in Marmotville, yesterday we finally tossed off lines
and moved east 150 miles to Coeur D' Alene, Idaho.

You can follow our path on the map link to the right.

Our stop here was basically to get the truck serviced at the local Ford Dealer
so that we would be good to go for the long haul up the Alcan Highway.
I picked up a couple of extra fuel filters and we did some
food shopping to restock the pantry.

We are staying at Blackwell Island RV Park.
Its a decent place, close to town and convenient to everything.

There is a floating restaurant nearby.  
It is located right where the lake empties into the Spokane River.   
We ate here a couple of years ago and enjoyed our meal 
and tonight was no exception.   

The view is great as is the food.
This is the view from our table:

We watched seaplanes taking off and landing while we dined.

The spring runoff is in progress so the lake is high and the outflow into the river
is quite swift.  Fortunately the pilings held and our restaurant did not head down
the river to the Falls while we were enjoying our dinner.

Any day that you can finish dinner without going over a waterfall is a
good day in my book.

The gangplank leading back to the shore:

This is looking downstream on the Spokane River from the Gangplank.
Our RV Park is just around the bend to the left.

Now that our chores are done, 
tomorrow we will spend some time checking out the town. 
There is a big resort here that I want to explore.
Maybe I'll get a pedicure....    Not!

Sunday we are off to West Glacier where we will meet the rest
of our entourage and spend our final 6 days in the lower 48 
before we cross into Canada and start our push north.


  1. who is the rest of your entourage. Hope Kate had a great time in her hood. Would love to be on the Road with you all.

  2. Glad to know your whereabouts. Loved the photo of expressive. We miss you wishes on your upcoming adventure!

  3. Enjoyed your post. That is one of our favorite towns. Make sure you stop at Hungry Horse for Huckleberry pie.

  4. Hey. You are in Salmon country right? You need to teach those Doodles how to fish at some waterfalls. It looks so beautiful out there. Thanks for blogging it is wonderful to follow along.

  5. I'm wondering if you'll fall in love with that corner of the lower 48.....loosely speaking. Pretty up there, huh? Why NOT a pedicure??? Try it - you might like it!!!!
    xoxox Kristi & Jim

  6. Wow the Alaskan Highway..always wanted to go there. Enjoy. It'd b good to c u again Greg.Tim Bartlett


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