Saturday, August 27, 2011

Biding our time

Saturday morning...  The eye passed over Beaufort and now the storm is slowly moving away.

While we are not completely out of the woods it looks like we've dodged a big bullet.   Checking in with friends and neighbors shows that other than the power being out the damage has been slight.  No trees down, no flooding etc. Just a lot of branches and junk scattered about.

Here is a shot of the house taken during the passage of the eye...  (thanks Sarah)  all looks well.

There still could be some shingles missing after the rest of the storm moves thru, and perhaps some water damage, but I'm feeling pretty good right not that we will not have any of that nonsense.

ei' Lean is fine, a neighbor (thanks again Sarah) sent me pictures of her.

Meanwhile we are biding our time here in Western NC.
Tomorrow we will head back - power or not.
If we don't have power we will just fire up the generator and live in the 
"Motel Cougar"

I brought my yeti cooler with me and I'm wondering if I should go looking for a load of dry ice to bring back for everyone??

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