Monday, August 29, 2011

Back at the Shack

Arrived back home yesterday at 1600 and all is well.
Some tree damage,
Some siding gone
A few roof shingles missing
And a boatload of debris to pick up but other than that we were very lucky.

On the way back we saw alot of minor to moderate damage.

Power lines down.   
This was over still 70 miles still from the coast.
We wondered how bad the coast was going to be since that is where the eye crossed onto land. 

As we got deeper into the storm area we saw more and more damage:
Trees on Power lines

Mc Donalds has changed their name to CDons Drivethru

Further down the road a welcome sight:
The Calvary has Arrived!
This was a line of about 50 Trucks!

As we got deeper into the area without power, we would find an isolated spot here or there with power.
Here cars are lined up at the first open gas station that we saw for 40 miles.

Getting home we broke out the Generator and powered up the house.
Extension cords were everywhere but at least we could watch cartoons on Satellite.

This morning dawned clear, warm and humid with a heavy dew covering everything.
More than anything I noticed the strong smell of pine in the moist air.
All the broken branches and trees no doubt creating the aroma.
Mixed with the smell of the ocean it was quite nice.

This tree is going to be a challenge

Overall - minor damage

And best of all....


Yup...  you're right...   It's all good!

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