Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Annual Shaving of the Beasts

Well it's feeling like spring here on the NC Coast and an old mans thoughts turn to......  Doodle Clipping!

Yes I said "Doodle Clipping"

It's time to cut down the winter coat on theses Wildebeasts.

First was Gracie.  She was looking like a Wookie out of Star Wars:

Then there was Lucy.   She looked like something out of the last Ice Age.

Here are the two of them Together prior to getting clipped

Several bag fulls of hair later..... 


  1. The girls look like they enjoy their new haircuts. I think I've said it before but it bears repeating.... I think I see a new business venture in your future! Heck, maybe you can stop by my house and do my 3 when you are here for your visit! :-) T

  2. Greg, the before and after photos really look like different dogs. They look like puppies after the cut and they look like grandpas before the cut. Thanks for the good laugh, we cracked up.


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