Monday, January 24, 2011

Back in Brrrrr Beaufort

A hodgepodge here...  A bit of this and a bit of that.

In a previous blog I mentioned that we had to move ei' Lean out of our Marina so that they could dredge all of the slips.  

On January 15th we got the word that the dredging was done and that we could move the boats back in.  So on Saturday I moved ei" Lean back in.  (she's in the middle of the photo looking at her side).

On Sunday I moved another sailboat for someone who is warming their feet in Florida till spring.  I was going to procrastinate and not move the boats back until this past weekend as I thought 50degrees was still too cold and perhaps I would get a nice 60 or 70 degree day.  

It's a good thing I did not wait because above is the weather that I would have had if I did.

This is Sunday Morning...  Brrrr

The Calm After the storm.


  1. That last picture is a beautiful photo! T

  2. BRRRRRR, looks so cold when viewed from Florida.
    That looks like such a great harbor. Nice spot.


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