Saturday, June 26, 2010

On the hook again

Sat morning and we're anchored at cape lookout.  We've had a stretch of dry rainless weather of about 40-60 days...  Wouldn't you know it but the thunderstorms rolled thru last night and rained on us.

Last night we tested out the new motor on the inflatable dinghy.  It runs real sweet.  Now I need to get some water skis for the doodles.

Early morning is one of my favorite times in the cockpit.  I'm usually the first one up, its real quiet and I just love watching the sea clouds blow by and life return to the nearby boats.  A good cup of Java, a nice cool breeze.....  It don't get much better.

There has been a lot of sea turtles swimming by this weekend.  I've tried to get a picture but each time my camera (of course) was not handy.   Stand by...  I'll get one of those buggers yet.

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