Saturday, June 26, 2010

Caddyshack or the elusive Loggerhead

Since I promised to get a picture of a Loggerhead Turtle it has been a regular cat (or turtle) and mouse game here.

Everytime that I would spot a shadow on the surface...  up would pop their head just long enough for me to run for the camera and get it focused.  Abut the time I'm ready to snap the picture it would be down periscope, full diving planes, and goodbye turtle.  I have plenty of pictures of bubbles to prove it.

Well here is one picture that I was able to get.  Its not the best and I will keep trying, but I really need to go and do something else for a while or things could get ugly.

In my quest for a picture I'm reminded of Bill Murray in Caddyshack in his quest for the elusive Gopher.

UPDATE:  Just as I was uploading the photo - one swam right next to the boat.  I could swear I heard it laughing...

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  1. This is so funny, and the same thing with me trying to get a dolphin. As soon as I shoot they duck. It does make for a very fun game, enjoy


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