Sunday, July 30, 2017

Home Sweet Home & The Return of Night

We are back "home" in Seward, Alaska.
And...  we are starting once again to see some darkness late late at night.
Its the first nighttime that we have seen since May.

I love the daylight and would be perfectly happy if it never got dark. ☀️

Kate and I have both adopted Seward as our temporary home in Alaska for now.

While we wait for the colors to start to appear on the Tundra, and for the
temperatures to cool down in the lower 48,  Seward has all the factors that make
it a great place to call it home for now.

First - for me - it's a great place to work.
It has good LTE high speed interent so I have the fast and dependable connection that
I require to transfer files and get my work done each day.

Second, The Seward Waterfront Park has a great scenic view and lots of open sky
so that we can get all three dish satellites, and plenty of light for the solar panels.

There are some electric and water hookups here but we are in the boondocking section, which
we both think is a little bit nicer and 1/2 the price of the electric sites.

At $20 per night its a great value with a million dollar view!

So for this post - let me tell you a little about life here in Seward.

First is the Seward Waterfront RV Parking.

Its just a gravel parking lot.  Each Space is about 25' wide
In front of our parking spot is a long walking/bike path that travels along the waterfront.

Looking south just a few more RV spaces then just parkland beyond.
Seward Waterfront Walking/Bike Path
 The picture above and below are taken by me standing right in front of our coach.

Looking North towards the port.
The Holland America Cruise Ship Zaandam arrived early this morning.

A photo of our bus taken from the rear.

All day long there is a parade of people who travel along the path in front.
Kate takes full advantage to meet and greet as many people as she can, and has already
made many friends.   Some from Alaska and some from Germany.

The Doodles also draw their share of people!

Finally, the plant & herbs in our front window seem to be a big crowd pleaser!

All day long people stop to point, smile, admire and even photograph them.

If Kate is outside they ask all sort of questions...
(like do we leave them up there when we travel?)

Below she is visiting with a young lady who had a Siberian Husky Puppy.

The photo below taken from a boat (look for the arrow) shows our spot along the waterfront.

Below is the view out the front window.

The shots below were taken right in front of the bus along the shoreline.

This is our front yard!

Every day just wait a few minutes and you almost always can spot a couple of
Sea Otters floating along and cracking some shells on their bellies.

We get a great view with a floor show too!

They say a Sea Otter can eat up to 25% of their body weight each day!

Life here, like the sea,  seems to have a certain ebb and flow...
Early each morning there is a rush of charter fishing boats that head out of harbor and up
Resurrection Bay towards the Gulf of Alaska, to return each evening to show off the days
catch at the town dock.

Seward, Ak Charter Fleet heading out for a day of fishing.

About every other day - early in the morning - a cruise ship appears on the horizon.
While most people (except me) are asleep - it slowly creeps up the bay
to dock at the harbor.

Holland America Noordam Arrives in Seward, Alaska
Some ships (like this one)  turn around and back into the dock.
Others dock bow-in and turn around when when depart.

Noordam turns 180° to back into berth at Seward Dock.
Then later that evening - between 8 and 10pm the cruise ships depart.
Below Noordam heads back to sea after spending the day in Seward. 

Holland America Noordam Departs Seward, Alaska
Below - Royal Caribbeans Radiance of the Sea is departing.
In this picture it is actually backing up away from the docks just prior to it making its 180° 
turn to head out to the Gulf of Alaska.

Below is a short video of it during the 180° spin

There is always something going on outside.

The mountains, the cold ocean water and the sun all combine to create some very
fast changing weather.

On the morning below I awoke early to cloudless skies.

Soon a layer of fog developed just on the surface of the water and slowly grew to
envelope the world about us.

A few hours later it was cloudless skies again.
Later that afternoon we were enjoying the weather with our new friends
Mario, Sandra, and little Finian from Germany.

We have really met the nicest people while here.

Last weekend we met two of the nicest families from Eagle River, Ak.
They have invited us to come visit if we find ourselves back up that way.
Of course its all due to my ambassador Kate.

If we stay here much longer I have a feeling she might be elected as Mayor!

Last night we made some Fresh Halibut outside on our picnic table.
I can't tell you how much trouble we had finding Halibut.

Right now all the fish stores here are busy packing fish for the Charter guests and
there is not much time left over to sell to us semi-locals.

We scored one of the very rare picnic tables here and have been putting it to good use.

Fresh Halibut in Seward

Well we have another couple of weeks to go here in Seward most likely before
we get back on the move and head over the the Yukon.

Not sure where our next post will be from but stay tuned.
Life happens and if its interesting I'll try to keep you posted.

Thanks for your comments and hope you enjoy riding along.

Below is the spotwalla map of our travels since March.

Life's a journey....  
 Keep the wheels turning!  


  1. Oh we can see Momma Kate making all kinds of friends as they stop, vizit, ask questions and discover your great adventure. You two are living a dream and I love how well you share it via the blog. Outstanding job!

  2. Mayor Kate! I love it. That title fits her perfectly. We loved Seward too. I never got tired of watching the sea otters. Yes I remember the cruise ships keeping the harbor busy. Such great memories. Enjoy your time there. Looking forward to your next posting.

  3. So much fun following your adventures,travel safe,looking forward to you next posting!

  4. "Mayor Kate" has a nice ring to it! Lol! Glad to see y'all are making friends. I know how shy Kate is hahaha! Miss you guys. Safe travels!

  5. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  6. Starting my countdown, I got to go back. Loved Alaska and the Yukon, and travelling with you guys.


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