Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dalton Highway Drive Lapses

As I mentioned in my last post,
Regarding our trip up the Dalton Highway toPrudhoe Bay,
 I was working on some Drivelapse Videos of the Trip...

I've finished them now - they are below.

I've also thrown in a few real time videos.

At the frame rate that I used you are basically traveling up the highway
at about 1,200 mph so fasten your seat belts!

They are in two parts 8-10 min each.

Between the Drivelapses and the videos, you get a tiny taste of driving the Dalton.
Take some time and enjoy the ride.
We sure did.

I hope you enjoy.

Part 1
Start of Dalton Highway to Marion Creek BLM Campground
Coldfoot, Alaska.

Part 2
Marion Creek BLM Campground to Deadhorse, Alaska
Prudhoe Bay

I also did a few videos in real-time while driving down the Dalton.

A video - waiting in a construction hold around MM 350.
The mosquitos swarm the Truck.
You can see just how thick they are on the Arctic Tundra.

A Video in real time driving the Dalton just south of Gobblers Knob
and going down one of the Roller Coasters.

A real time video....

Heading south on the Dalton.
We cross the Yukon River Bridge at Mile Marker 56


  1. Great videos. People must want a cigarette really bad to get out with the mosquitos.

  2. Love the videos, I also loved the music!! I can't believe how bad those mosquitoes are. It makes Beaufort look mild! Have fun and safe travels. Hug Kate for me!

  3. I think my rig would look good sitting next to yours in Seaward.

  4. Hi Greg,
    Not sure you will remember me (kathy blance, prudential). We too are enjoying life on the road (part time). Spent 48 days in Alaska...awesome. Email me at when you have a chance...we may run in to each other somewhere down the road.Safe travels


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