Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Back in Banff

This is a quick post to bring you all up to date with where we are 
and where we've been.

We left you last in Butte Montana at the Fairmont RV Park,
next to the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.

We spent a windy and  rainy Friday night.
40-50mph gusts shook the bus and the rain pelted the roof.

The morning forecast was mixed precipitation and snow....
Not the best for traveling.

We left on Saturday morning.
A dusting of snow covered the mountains surrounding us.

It was a cold windy morning and the early spring weather was threatening as
we departed and headed north.

Passing thru Butte on I-15, we ascended into the mountains.
The snow was coming down lightly, but fortunately was not sticking to
the road.

I knew that as we moved north we would descend in altitude and also
move north of the weather system that was causing these conditions,
so northbound we pushed.

I-15 North of Butte Montana
5 hrs later - and 250 miles further north we rolled into the Shelby Mt RV Park.
They call it the Shelby RV Resort, but the word Resort is stretching it a bit.

It's perfectly fine for an overnight.
Behind the Comfort Inn, and just off I-15 its convenient and has full hookups
with 50amps.

Only 35 miles south of the Canadian border it allows for an early morning crossing
before the traffic backs up.

You check in at the hotel desk.
Your night stay includes use of the hotel facilities including the pool, and in the AM
they have a $6 breakfast buffet.

We just plugged in so we would have the Electric Heat and conserve
our propane,  but other than that we didn't use the facilities. 

Shelby Montana RV Park
Sunday morning dawned crystal clear with moderate temperatures.
A good day to drive. 

We crossed into Canada quickly and I shifted into Metric Mode.

Along the way we saw a farm  with the big sign:
"Creepy Hollow"

We stopped in Lethbridge at a PetroCanada SuperPass Cardlock site to
make sure that my commercial fueling card worked....  It did.

That will make fueling the bus much easier in Canada as I can use the same pumps
that the big trucks use.

Our stop for the next 3 nights was The Bow RiversEdge RV Park in Cochrane, Alberta.

Its a nice park with all the usual amenities and is located right along the Bow River which
flows out of the Rockies.

Only 20 miles west of Calgary, its a great location for visiting the City
or attending the Calgary Stampede.

Bow Rivers Edge RV Park site # 55
The walking path behind the park is an off leash dog area and it seemed that every dog
owner for miles around was here to stretch their (and their dogs) legs. 

We took the doodles for some long walks...  but kept them on leash.
We didn't want them getting into anything that they shouldn't.

Bow River Park walkway - Cochrane, Ab.
Weds at 11am it was wheels up again.
We stopped at a Shell Station to top off our propane,  then a PetroCanada Cardlock
to top of the fuel tanks, then it was westbound on TransCanada Highway 1 omtp
the Canadian Rockies.

Our destination for the next 4 nights is Banff National Park.
The prior nights snow, and clouds created a dramatic backdrop as we climbed
into the Rockies. 

We are now at the National Park Campground known as
The Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court.
Our site is # 520
Full hookup with 30 amps.
I chose it carefully and we have a clear view of our dish satellites.
We are using Spokane, Wa locals as their spotbeam stretches
pretty far north and we should have it up past Dawson Creek on the 
Alaska Highway.

Banff Trailer Court site # 520
The weather is cool but dry.
As I write this the clouds are clearing and we are seeing some peaking sun. 

This Weekend is Canadas Victoria Day long weekend so the park will fill up.

The Bow River Valley.
The Bow River flows down from here and past the RV Park where we stayed previously.

One of our neighbors... a Cow Elk.

Sunday we leave here and will drive the Icefield Parkway north to Jasper National Park.
The Icefield Parkway is one of the
most beautiful drives in North America.

I will do a drive lapse video of our trip if the weather is nice.

Here is the drivelapse video that I did of our drive up the Icefield in 2012

Greeting from Banff National Park in Alberta Canada!


  1. Like your blog, but the format is very difficult to read. Strange spacing on a picture background. Sure you are happy with it, just my opinion.

  2. We're hit and swimming in the pool and you're watching for snow! Lol! Miss you guys. Have fun and safe travels!

    1. Be careful trying to use those big words Amber. 😎
      We have a "hit" wave coming here. Going to be in the 50's in a day or two.
      Enjoy the pool, but watch out for any tootsie rolls.

  3. Greg and Kate' Spent tine in Banff and Lake Louise . . . beautiful. Athabaska Icefields were like I imagine the Moon appears. Enjoy your blog! Thanks, Camp and Lisa

    1. Yep beautiful area for sure. I think the Canadian Rockies are so pretty. Glad you are enjoying the ride. We do appreciate hearing from you.

  4. Still in trail...virtually. Remember that part of the trip in 2014 well, tempted so many times to get out and hike & climb.

    1. Keep tagging along Dave. If we cant have you here physically - virtually is second best!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. OMG! As we derig our boat in 90 degree Fajardo Puerto Rico dripping in sweat, I can feel the chill in your air. Brrrrr, that would be nice for a change from this heat. Your photos are always so beautiful and your descriptions are wonderful. Thanks for the big effort it takes to blog.

    1. Yes quite a difference from where you are for sure. I don't think that I could take the 90 degree heat. Last summer in NC just about did me in. I just finally broke down and put on jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Stay cool.... hit the pool. Hugs to you both.


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