Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lake George NY to Canada

Since we last checked in we have clocked off another 780miles on the old odometer
and are now sitting just outside of Quebec City, Canada.

But before I get ahead of myself....

We left Gettysburg on Monday headed 395 mi North to Lake George NY and the
Lake George RV Park, which was to be our home for the next 4 nights while I
checked into the office and attended to a normal biennial audit by Berkshire Hathaway.

The RV Park is quite nice.   It has more of the feel of a State Park as far as the
privacy, natural features and site size, yet has all the amenities +++ to keep families
happy for their long summer vacations.

I chose our site online when I booked because it was sunny and in the open and I
thought I'd have a good shot at the satellites but some trees across the street were just too 
tall.  I should have been two sites to my right (#55 or 56) to get the Dish W Arc birds.

Not to worry - the park has cable at all sites so we were able to keep up with the Kardashians.

Lk George RV Park site #58

Our audit was completed late Weds evening and it was time on Thursday to
do some visiting with local friends.

My buddy Matt is an avid hunter and fisherman, spending weeks in the Adirondack in
a tent while hunting each season.   Recently he purchased 35 acres and is building a garage
on his property to house his "Toys".    (Snow Cats, Front end loaders etc)
Heated by wood and water supplied by cisterns, I could not even talk him into putting
a satellite dish on the roof.

The second floor over 1/2 of the garage is one room where he can sleep if we
can pry him out of the tent.

One of the winter modes of Transport.

One of the neighbors...   a type of Salamander.
I think its called a Red Eft.

Adirondack Red Eft?

2 miles down the road is another of Matts Neighbors

A large pile of Goat Dung
Meanwhile Kate visited with Matts wife Julie, their son Max and his best friend Ben

(L-R) Ben Julie Max Kate

Friday morning dawned rainy and cool.
A cold front was passing thru and by the time we were hooked up and ready to go at
8am the clouds had parted, the sun was out a a brisk northwest wind was blowing.

We enjoyed a beautiful drive up I-87 the Adirondack Northway, and by 11am
we were in line to cross into Canada.    It took about an hour for us to make it to the head of
the line and we were quickly processed and past thru by a friendly young border agent.

Entering Canada on I-87/Aut-15
by 3pm or so we were parked in Camping Transit - an RV park in Levis, QC just south
of Quebec City.  We will spend the next few days here while we visit Old Quebec. 

Parked and hooked up - its Cocktail Time!
People often ask how the dogs do with all the traveling...
I think this picture says it all. 

Lucy sure knows comfort.

Next....   we tour Old Quebec.

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