Sunday, August 21, 2016

Gettysburg Revisited

We are back on the road.
Our destination is the Canadian Maritimes, but we have some stops inbetween.

Our first stop was Gettysburg, Pa.
Our long time blog followers might recall that we were here about 3 years ago
but we were somewhat limited in our visit due to a government shutdown that
prevented our visiting much of the battlefield.

Fortunately this time around no such limits were placed on our visit and we were
able to see the areas that were off-limits last time.

Having been happy with our accommodations the last time - we once again stayed
at The Artillery Ridge Campground.
We are in site 424 in the quiet back side of the campground with
full hookups and 50amps.

Our first stop was the Gettysburg National Cemetery where over 3,500
Union Soldiers were laid to rest.    It was here, upon the dedication of the Cemetery,
that President Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg address.

NY Memorial and graves of the Unknown of Gettysburg

Next we headed over to Culps hill, just adjacent to Cemetery hill, it marked the
North end of the Union lines.

One thing you notice upon arrival is the sheer number of memorials throughout
the park.   Each regiment and division - from both sides of the conflict-  has marked the ground where they fought - and many died.

NY 78th and 102nd infantry memorial on Culps Hill.
Next we headed over to the center of the union lines on Cemetery Ridge to visit
high water mark.   It was here on the 3rd day of the battle that the Confederates
momentarily broke the Union lines during Picketts Charge. 

The objective of Picketts Charge had been the trees in this photo.
12,500 men started across almost a mile of open ground
By the time they broke thru the Union Center, only 2,500 men were left, the
remainder retreating, dead, wounded or captured.

The 2,500 who did break thru were either killed or captured within 10 minutes and
the lines held.

Sunday we visited Little Round Top and Devils Den.
Round Top was the high ground at the southern end of the union lines and
commanded an expansive view of the battlefield.

It was also the scene of fierce fighting over the 2nd and 3rd days.

In the Panorama below #1 marks the Devils Den, #2 marks the field crossed during
Picketts Charge and #3 Cemetery hill - the Northern end of the union line.
Just below cemetery hill you can see the memorials around the High Water
mark and the Center of the Union lines.

A monument to the NY 44th from Albany, NY on Little Round Top.

The view from Little Round Top looking north along Cemetery Ridge
to the Northern end of the Union lines.

The view that a 3" gunner had from Round Top.

Tomorrow we pack up and head 400 miles north to Lake George, NY
where I will spend next week attending to some matters for work.

Once done with that - On Friday we will continue north and cross the border 
with our first Canadian stop Quebec City.


  1. It is really difficult to grasp the number of soldiers killed at Gettysburg. Thank you for the review. Enjoy the run north.

  2. Love your blog.
    The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest single day in American history.

  3. Had hoped to see you guys before you left for your next adventure! Safe travels! Sue B

  4. Gettysburg was so close! Next time, we are going to "charge" up Pickett's Ridge and capture YOU! Safe travels.

    Enjoy Quebec. Check your bill & change before you leave the restaurants! The city is so beautiful that a hotel clerk told us that "everyone would want to live here except that we have winter forever". Have fun…as you always do.

    1. we would have surrendered on the spot if you guys came charging over the wall. :-)

  5. Do they still do the horse back rides to a special section of the battlefield where cars, bicycles or walkers can't go?

    1. Well.. I'm not sure but I don't think so. All of the bridle trails as far as I could see were also open to pedestrians too.

  6. We are wrapping up our trip it was a great adventure that's to all your help. We are in Ohio tonite be in Fredrick Md tomorrow. Sorry we didn't met up with you guys. Bad timing again. Have safe travels and hope to see you in Nov at your house if you are there. Thanks again Stan

  7. I forgot tell Kate we said hello

  8. Great photos! Looks like a great trip:)


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