Thursday, May 19, 2016

Banff Canada

Banff National Park

After our beautiful drive thru the Canadian Rockies, we arrived at
Banff National Park to an almost empty campground.

The temperature was just about perfect.

We stayed in the campground named Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court
but the name is a misnomer...   This is no trailer court!

Full Hookups 30amp.
All the sites are long pull thrus on each side of the road.
We were parked a few spaces down on the right.

The views from the campground are beautiful.

Everywhere you turn is a mountain vista.

I was pretty much locked up for our 3 days here as work has been partiuclary crazy lately,
but we did manage to get out late on our last afternoon for a break.
Fortunately this was our second time here and the first time we had our
Canadian friends as tour guides.

Below - the Banff Springs Hotel is a local landmark.
One of the grand Canadian Railway hotels, it was built in the late 19th Century
by the Canadian Pacific Railway to create more passenger traffic.

A quick shot of the two of us.

A Change of Plans

Our next stop was to be Jasper NP about 180 miles north, but Kate and I agreed
that we are sort of pushing ourselves to make the trip back to Alaska this year and our hearts
are not really into it.

We've been gone from home now about 7 months  - and Alaska was going to add another 
2 or 3 months to that, and we are both ready for a change.

So we've decided to point the bus south and east instead, and start to head for
home and put the Yukon and beyond back on the shelf for this year.

I think if we stay home this winter then we'll be more fresh and ready to
make the trip back up there next spring.

So, instead of RV-ing, the scent of pine, and mountain vistas it will be 
Boating, the smell of the Ocean and summer life on the coast.

Hardly a losing proposition.

So for the next couple of weeks we'll be running towards the coast
and who knows what we'll see along the way.

The Lincoln Presidential Library is on the list.


  1. WOW! I am surprised! But if your hearts are not in it then you are making the best decision. I hope you made the little side trip to Lake Moraine while there. That is such a BEAUTIFUL place that most people who go to Banff miss out on. Lake Louse is the big tourist draw but I think Lake Moraine is a million times prettier and not as crowded. Although this early in the season the crowds have probably not shown up yet. Anyway, if you are still in the area when you read this and have not made it out to Lake Moraine yet I assure you that you won't be sorry. Hugs to you both and the Doodles too. Safe journeys on your way south.

  2. Its funny but we almost turned around twice the day we started to head south, but there is just too much pulling me south. Work alone. Our payroll company pulled a fast one on me and we have a major conversion coming up in June/July.. Work has been crazy. Trying to drive, sightsee, and then work for 8hrs every day gets pretty exhausting after 7 months.. Its just time to get home and chill.

  3. Thank the Lord!! We will be so happy to see you two!! Margie :o)

  4. Greg,
    Shaking it up is not a bad thing. Sorry to hear about payroll; let me if I can do anything. You remember how good it feels to start each new trip and adventure; can't experience that unless you end the other. I do enjoy your sea worthy adventures as well. Travel safely,
    Rick and Pat


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