Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tucson - Sedona - Lake Powell

Keepin the wheels turnin....

From Tombstone we moved up to Tucson, Az.
We spent 5 days or so at Gilbert Ray Campground  a county park campground
just west of Tucson.

A few activities while there:

The girls went shopping while the men went to the Pima Air Museum.

Below is one of the B-52's that was outfitted to carry the X-15

One night we all went to Tiny's Saloon - a local watering hole.

I also managed to fall back in my chair off of a small ledge and give my head a good wack.
Our resident Nurse - Michaela - bandaged up my hard noggin.

After taking advantage of some of the local activities such as
Old Tucson Studios, Saguaro National Park, and visits
to downtown Tucson for microbrew tasting we headed 2 hrs north to Phoenix.

While in Phoenix we stayed at our old faithful campground - Lake Pleasant.
One day Jim, Marcel and I went to a spring training baseball game
at Surprise Stadium.

We saw the Texas Rangers beat the Cincinatti Reds 12-5

We had behind home plate - 3rd row seats.

Below - Elvis Andrus, the Texas Shortstop has just connected with a line drive
that put him on base.

After our time in Phoenix we moved on northward to Camp Verde Az.
Its been Spring Break Time so finding places to stay has been a challenge.
I had wanted to stay in Deadhorse Ranch State Park while here but we wound up
in Rancho Verde RV Park which was a decent little place for a few nights.

While here, Michaela once again treated us to some of her German Cooking.

Tonights treat was Schnitzel, Potato, and Cucumber Salad.

On Saturday we took a day of sightseeing the Sedona area.
Sedona is an eclectic town with a vibrant art community.

Just outside of town a trip up Oak Creek Canyon takes you several thousand feet
higher up onto the Colorado Plateau.

In the lower left you can see US 89 heading up the canyon towards us.
On the right you can see the highway switchbacks as it climbs up ever higher.

A view of the red rocks of Sedona taken from near the airport.

Our Swiss Friends posed for this family portrait.

Soon it was time to move on so we headed north on I-17 and US-89 to Page, Az

Along the way. just south of Page, US-89 crosses over a mountain pass.
This pass affords a beautiful panorama of the Glen Canyon which contains the Colorado
River as it hurtles downstream to its run thru the Grand Canyon

This unnamed mountain pass was the scene of a landslide a few years back which closed US-89 for
a couple of years, resulting in a 90 mile detour.

The road has been repaired now and we again enjoyed the beautiful run over the pass.

Our destination outside of page was the Wahweep Campground.
Part of the Lake Powell National Recreation Area, Wahweep is one of the nicest
campgrounds in the National Park inventory.

The views are great and the facilities are excellent.
Full hookup and 50a service.

Evening sun shines off the cliffs on the far side of Lake Powell.

A highlight of any trip to Page is a visit to Antelope Canyon.

Carved by the force of flash floods, the narrow Navajo Sandstone canyon
is at times a surreal environment.

Below, some dust tossed into the air creates a dancing reflection in the sunlight
penetrating to the floor of the canyon.

Our group posed for this shot.

There were breif moments where we had a clear shot of a vacant canyon.

Looking upwards, the textures and colors change with the movement of the sun.

On the way back to the bus, Kate, Marcel, & I stopped for a photo op of
The Glen Canyon Dam.

Built in the 1950's the Glen Canyon Dam impounds the waters of
Lake Powell which stretches several hundred miles north of the dam.

In front of the dam you can see the US-89 bridge over Glen Canyon.
The cars are mere specks in relation to the size of the dam.

Another view of the lake from atop a bluff just north of the dam.

We will remain here for a couple more days before we head north to
Monument Valley.

Stay tuned.


  1. Antelope Canyon... One of my most favorite places ever!
    Hope your head is healing nicely. That had to be a scary moment.

  2. Greg,
    The pictures and blog are a wonderful 5 minute get away from tax season blues. thanks for sharing.
    Rick and Pat
    Stash keeps growing, great!!

  3. We loved Antelope Canyon. We'll worth the price of admission. Thanks for the memories.

  4. We loved Antelope Canyon. We'll worth the price of admission. Thanks for the memories.

  5. The canyon pics are awesome! We went to see UNC play ECU. It was so good. I forgot how much I miss baseball games. It's Ye one sport I know what's going on! I started playing softball at 4! Safe travels guys!

  6. WOW, we missed that canyon when we were there this past summer. We need to tour that as well. That looks so beautiful. Your Swiss Friends are sooooooooo lucky to be traveling with you two and the Doodles. That has to be fun. Thanks for sharing the adventure.
    Hayden in Eleuthra on anchor

  7. Looks like fun! Rose

  8. What a great time you all are having! Your photos of Antelope Canyon are spectacular! We enjoyed camping at Wahweap in September. So many fun memories of power boating there with my older sister and family. Hope your head is feeling better! Hugs! Radeen

  9. Antelope Canyon, that is a new hike to add to my bucket list. I hiked portions of Oak Canyon a few years ago; as well as parts of Vermilion Cliffs National Park. I enjoyed being lost in the desert (for a couple of days anyway).
    Nice 'stache Greg. DaveG


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