Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's not Frankfurt but....

In the border town of Sierra Vista, Arizona,  not more than 15 miles from
the US/Mexico border - in a nondescript little strip mall -
lies a small out of the way German Resturant.

In an area better known for its Tamales and Tacos who would expect not only to find
Wienerschnitzel und Kartoffelpuffer...  but to actually find the real thing?

Last year at this time we were celebrating Kates Birthday at one of the
oldest restuarants in Frankfurt - Zum Storch am Dom.
Zum Storch am Dom first served a meal in the 1300's

It's pretty hard to outdo that ....  but if we cant be going there,  then
the German Cafe was a good consolation prize considering where we are.

But let me not get ahead of myself.

We are here in Kartchner Caverns State Park near Benson, Arizona
thru this Monday.   We have come here for several years now so that we could
celebrate Kates Birthday at the German Cafe in Sierra Vista, Az.

There is also a doctor in Sierra Vista who does DOT physicals and my
physical - required to keep my CDL Class A  drivers license active - is due at this time so
it is very convenient on several fronts.

It was a short 45 mile drive From Tucson to Kartchner.

Sierra Vista is only 30 min south of the State Park.

Our site - #49 - has 30amp electric and water.

The campground  is almost empty.   
There is only has a few people here so it has been very quiet.

The past few days have been marked by clear mild days followed by cold nights.

The park is mostly Mesquite trees with Prickly Pear and Barrel Cactus.
Its main draw are the caverns which are pristine and well protected.  
We have toured them previously so we decided
to forgo a tour this time.

With my Wilson Antenna outside I have again been picking up an excellent
4g Verizon signal here so its been another great place to work from.

This morning our friends Marcel & Michaela (and the girls) skyped Kate for
a surprise birthday hello.   It was a nice way to start the day.

Then tonight we made our Pilgrimage to the German Cafe for Kates B-Day Dinner.

The 30 mile drive down AZ 90 is thru scenic and wide open country.
On the northbound side is a Border Control Checkpoint as this highway
is a potential smuggling route from the south.

The German Cafe is a small restaurant.  Perhaps 6 booths and another 6 tables.
A small but good selection of German Beer and the same for the food menu.

Here you will find the more basic American favorites such as Schnitzel and Sauerbrauten, but not
the heavier fare like Schweinshaxe (crisp pork knuckles).

What they do cook - they cook very well.  Made authentic and made fresh.

Tonight Kate & I both opted for the Jagerschnitzel mit Kartoffelpupper (potato pancakes).
I went dietetic  and had a garden salad...  Kate had Spaetzle 
It was delicious!

Rather than leaving room for desert - we took the path of least resistance....
We took our desert to go!

German Chocolate Cake for Kate
and a slice of Rum Cake for me.

On Monday we will make the 1hr drive back to Catalina State Park where we will
spend 2 weeks thru New Years.   While there I have some maintenance projects to
complete on the bus along with celebrating the holidays.
 It will be a busy 2 weeks!

As for today...

Alles zum geburtstag Kate!
(Happy Birthday Kate!)

It time to go eat my desert now


  1. Well happy birthdays of course. I love how you guys make each place you go special. What's the temperature. What are you doing on xmas. Of. Course is working that aka babysitting. We will have dinner on Saturday as our kids are coming. Have a great holiday..

  2. Love auto on iPads. Ron is working

  3. Happy Birthday Kate!!!! I think I would like the Kartoffelpupper (potato pancakes), not so sure about the other food :) Kim


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