Thursday, December 17, 2015

Back in Arizona

Ok its time to play a little catch up.
I've received a bunch of emails asking what we are up to and where is the blog
so its nice to know that so many are enjoying it.

We left you in New Mexico at the sugar fine sands of White Sands National Monument.
Since then we've traveled west to the Tucson, Az area.

Along the way at an Arizona Rest Area on I-10.

Our first stop was Catalina State Park in Oro Valley about 15 mi north of Tucson.
One of the reasons that we love Catalina and keep coming back is the
beautiful sunsets with the Santa Catalina Mountains on fire.

Our home for 11 days was site B8.   50a electric and water.

Kate has the bus decorated for Christmas.
Note the tree and lights in the window.

Another reason I like Catalina is the convenience.  Inside the park we are in our own world,
but just outside the gate is civilization and all the amenities.
Plus a super strong 4G signal makes it easier for work.
Since this time of year is my busiest time at work, the extra strong connectivity
makes life all the easier.

On Sunday however I take a break from some Denver Broncos Football on the outside TV

After 11 days it was time to move on for a bit.
We will be back at Catalina shortly for 2 weeks over Christmas/New Years.

We stopped at the Tucson Lazy Days KOA for the full hookups so we
could get some Laundry done.   We do not have full hookups planned after this for
quite some time...  over a month.

Lazy Days is kind of neat in that it has Citrus Trees.
The fruit here however is no wheres near as good as it is at 
The Orange Grove  RV Park in Bakerfield, Ca.

A new thing here at Lazy Days is the installation of two complete rows of Solar Panels
that cover the pull thru sites.   Several acres of panels are providing over 1 mw of power
In the summer time I imagine being under the panels and shaded would be a benefit.
The panels are somewhat unsightly but I understand the purpose.

Looking down a row, you would park under the panels.

Another view.
Installations such as this are popping up all over the southwest.
Here in Tucson, the University of Arizona and Frys Grocery stores have put
panels like this over parking lots.   It provides welcome shade for parking
and the added benefit of clean energy.

We are now at Kartchner Caverns State Park about 45 miles SE of Tucson.
We will be here for 5 days before returning to Catalina State Park for the holidays.

The park here is virtually empty.   There are about 4 other rigs so it
is quite quiet.   I will have some photos in our next post.

While here we will celebrate Kate's birthday in our usual fashion...
Eating German Food!
It will not be quite like last years B-day dinner in Frankfurt with
Marcel & Michaela, but the restaurant that we go to in Sierra Vista - only 15 miles
from the Mexican Border - serves good authentic German Food so
we will have our Schnitzel & Cactus Winter Special.

Bon Apitit.


  1. Yay! I was missing the blog. The outside TV is so cool. glad you guys are having a great time! Looking forward to what's next. Be safe!

  2. We were indeed wondering what you have been up to! So glad to get an update. The doodles photo reminds me of the pic Kate, Radeen & I did at Belk's!!!

  3. Glad to see you're still out there. Kate I'll call you on your Birthday.

  4. I really enjoyed the game by the way!

    Hope you folks have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  5. Happy Holidays to ya all see you all soon. Be in quartzite Jan 12


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