Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area

We are here at the lake for 3 nights.
Last night was our first.
An exciting stormy night for sure.

Today was a down day - a lazy Saturday..

Lazy like these horses and donkeys at Fort Laramie.

The Campground has lots of mature Cottonwood trees that provide welcome shade.
Below is our site (L) and Rons (R)

A beautiful spot.  
Super quiet with only the sounds of the birds who are in full
fledged mating activity.

 Tonights dinner was Racclette.

We first had this Swiss Dinner this winter when we visited
our friends in Switzerland and we've been dying to try it out here in the states.

Pretty much anything you like to eat mixed together and then covered with
melted Raclette Cheese.

To prepare it you need a Raclette Machine.

We had pearl onions, peppers, potatoes, pickles, zucchini, chicken, filet mignon, salmon,
and of course.....  cheese to melt over it all.

Place your ingredients onto a little tray which goes into the Raclette
Maker...   it melts and then you scrape it onto your plate on top of the potatoes.

Swiss Raclette on the plains of Nebraska....  nice.

Unfortunately we had to substitute Raclette Cheese for another variety that
I purchased at a Cheese Shop in Walla Walla, but it still was fun and delicious.

Of course a nice Deutsch Bier to wash it down.

We are out here in the elements...   exposed to nature and living like animals...
But somehow we are surviving.

And then there was tonights sunset...

While I stood there all I could think of is
Louis Armstrongs song - "What a Wonderful World".

Life is good!


  1. AWESOME!!!!
    xoxox jim and kristi

  2. Wow! Gorgeous sunset and the dinner sounds awesome! I think I need to visit you wherever you are on my next vacation! T

  3. Anything with melted cheese is delish!


  4. Nice blog. It brings back memories of our Alaska trip. So much to see and not enough time to really enjoy it. Safe travels.


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