Sunday, April 5, 2015


Well we are still in Las Vegas.
Not exactly by choice mind you...

After getting my MRI and discussing with the Doc it was decided that the best
course of action was to get my knee operated on here in Las Vegas
 so that is what I did.

The surgery was relatively minor arthroscopic - minimally invasive - but 
it still takes you out of commission for a bit.

The surgery was performed this past Thursday.
No crutches are needed but I have this bionic leg brace
that I wear 24/7.

Right now it is locked at the knee so that I cannot bend my leg at all.
I think tomorrow (Monday) once I go for physical therapy they are going to unlock
it so that I can start bending and getting the knee loosened back up.

Today I took my first trip away from the Party Bus.
We walked to the corner and back...    Whoopie!

I think I have to wear it for the next 6 weeks - 
mainly to protect against side to side movement.

I can hobble around a bit but a couple of trips to the corner and back are about it for now.
It doesn't hurt too bad and sometimes actually feels better already than
it did before surgery.  The key is to keep it in motion as much as possible.

Tomorrow I will start my therapy and see how stiff the knee has become.

We plan on staying here for another week - allow me to build up some flexibility
in the knee.   Then next Sunday we should head out to Napa, Ca and hook
back up with Ron and Maxine for 4 days starting Tuesday.

There is nothing wrong with my wine glass holding hand!

In the meanwhile - we are in this nice Motorhome Resort.  It is located right under the 
approach/departure path of Las Vegas McCarran Airport so I've kept busy
tracking the in and outbound flights and getting some pictures of the 
more interesting aircraft.

McCarran is one very busy airport!

Southwest seems to be just about the largest carrier out of here.

Using a new app that friends Carl and Ken introduced me to, I've managed to
catch the daily Virgin Atlantic 747 from London.

Below are two shots of it departing

The next day the winds had changed and I caught it arriving.

Currently this is how I'm passing my free time.


  1. Look for me arriving tomorrow on JetBlue B6 88 about 12:46!! I'll wave!! My daughter will be arriving on SW 389 about 3:10 for a little R & R with Mom and Dad while her husband is watching the three musketeers for a few days!!! Mind you....this was all her husband's idea!! He's a great guy!! Talk to you soon.Love to all, M

  2. Glad the surgery went well. Hope for a speedy recovery!


  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery Marilyn had the same operation in jan we were stuck in ft Meyers. Stan and Marilyn see you both in jan at quartzite

  4. Get well and be careful. Don't try to hook up that wicked looking brace to any type of electrical devices!

  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery and Kate lots of patience! Sue B

  6. Greg,
    Sorry to hear about the knee but agree you picked a great place to do it and work the recovery.
    Best of luck on the recovery.
    You, Kate and Doddles take care. Miss our happy hours and looking forward to the next time we can be together.
    Safe travels.

  7. It’s great that you are feeling positive results right after surgery. Therapy should help you adjust to it, and to ease the pain as well. Meanwhile, you can use this time of recovery to have fun in the company of your family and friends. Good luck with the PT!

    Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts


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