Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bend and Beyond

For the last 8 days we have been stationary in Bend, Oregon.

We like Bend but we LOVE the surrounding area.

We have always eyed Bend as a possible spot for a future home and so it was
good to spend a little more time here with an eye towards that.

Our consensus is that Bend is too expensive and too crowded for our taste.
Just up the road about 20 miles however is Redmond Oregon,
and we did find lots of nice areas there with future potential.

Traveling North and climbing in elevation means moving backwards in the
season and we moved from Spring in Napa to early spring in Bend.

This pair of Squirrils in the tree outside the Bus reminded us that
Spring is For Lovers.

The Deschutes River runs right thru Bend and with parks along both sides
it is a great recreational resource.  Last summer we saw hundreds of people floating
down the river in tubes one day.

The Tulips are in full bloom.

This whole region is volcanic and right in the center of town is a large cinder cone
left over from a prior eruption.

You can hike (or drive) to the top and are rewarded with a wonderful 360 degree
view of the area.   Looking west towards the Cascades (in the picture below) you
can see many of the current volcanos - Mt Baker, and Mt Hood are two.

We stayed at the Crown Villa RV Resort on the SE side of town.
It is a very nice park with large sites, lots of space between, plus a lot of
green space.  We enjoyed our stay here immensely.

With my leg brace it's hard to walk long distances so a couple of days I stayed 
back and worked while Kate went to town and walked around.

On those days we said Kate was playing "Ditch the Gimp"

Below is the office/laundry/rec hall complex at the RV Park.

Our space was right behind the Office.
All the driveways are brick pavers and very long and wide.

This morning it was time to move on as we are meeting Jim & Kristi in Walla Walla, Wa
for the Spring Wine Release Weekend.  Just like we did last year.

It is a 6hr drive to Walla Walla from Bend.
We decided to break it up into two 3hr legs as there is a nice State Campground
at the halfway point just outside of Mt Vernon Oregon

The ride from Bend is quite varied and beautiful.
I tried to snap a few photos with the iPhone as I drove to catch the variety.
The photos just don't do it justice.

We had Pine Forests and green valleys.

 Steep rocky canyons along rushing rivers.

Green Pastureland in wide valleys.

Thru it all the Doodles have their favorite spots.
Gracie always hangs on the back of a couch and watches the scenery.
Lucy makes a cozy nest and sleeps.

Our stop for the night is Clyde Holliday State Recreation Site.
Our site #9.  One of the nicest, right along the river
and good view of the satellites for TV.

It is early spring and all the trees leaves have that pale green color that is synonymous
with early spring

Right behind our site is the John Day River.

Turning around from the photo above I took this picture of the back of the bus
just so you could see how close we are to the water.

 In the summer when the hills turn brown (this is very dry country after all)
this park is a green oasis.

Right now the Forthysia are blooming and the Lilacs are just opening up
their flowers.   There are some Cherry Trees that have yet to flower.
I'd say another couple of weeks this place will be a riot of color.

This is a view down the road from our site.

Tomorrow we are off to Walla Walla Wine Country.
Along the way we are stopping at Cummins in Pendleton, Oregon 
for some routine minor engine maintenance.

See you there.


  1. We loved our time in Bend and Crown Villa. We were there in early Fall. Another beautiful time. Glad to see you're having fun. Love, M

  2. Wow, I've never seen squirrels doing that before lol!! Beautiful scenery as usual. Glad you're having fun! Tell Kate I got her birthday message! Thanks so much!


  3. It is a beautiful spring here too. I love spring!! Can't believe you took that squirrel picture...LOL! Glad you are enjoying your travels. Margie 🎣

  4. Hope you are enjoying your coach! Looks like the doodles are happy! Safe travels and keep on posting the pictures! Sue B


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