Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rubbing Elbows

I'm learning not to say: "It doesn't get any better than this"
Because it can...  and does!

On Sunday we packed up, left Picacho Peak State Park,
and drove 6 hrs up to Las Vegas.

Along the way, Kate did some beading while we motored down North on US 93.

It's a testament to just how sweet the ride in the bus is, that Kate can do this
fine work underway.

30 Miles South of Las Vegas US 93 crosses the new bridge that bypasses the old
route over Hoover Dam.   You cannot see the dam from cars and our old truck,
but the bus is high enough that you can get a glimpse of the dam 200' lower.

Our destination was the Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort where we will spend 1 of our
two weeks here in Vegas.

The resort is Class A Motorhomes only.
It is lots that are privately owned and leased by the owners.
Our lot is one of the simpler (and less expensive) sites.

The Resort is AMAZING!
It is a tropical oasis in the middle of the desert.

When you enter thru the gate you are transformed out of the desert
and into a lush green wonderland.
The scents of flowers and the sounds of birds fill the air.

Many of the sites are custom designed for long term residency and
living the good life.

Just back the bus in - your Tiki bar, ovens, grills, big screen TV's etc await!

There are 5 pools on the 47 acre property.
One large pool is centrally located by the clubhouse (below) and 4 
smaller ones are strategically 
located near the 4 corners of the resort.

This owner combined two sites into his playground.

There are numerous side streets giving the resort a more intimate and
"home-town" feel about it.

Corner lots tend to be a bit larger.
Some of the lots, like the one below even opted for custom finishing to
the driveway.   Some are done in Granite or Marble.

The pool just up the street from our site.
(one of the 4 smaller ones)

Ok...  I could get used to this.

Lots currently for sale in here range from about $120k to the mid $300k range.

Here are a few pictures of the outbuildings located inside of one of the developed sites.

Seeing this place sure gives me some ideas...
Kate and I have long talked about buying a piece of land somewhere and
setting it up as a winter (or summer) destination for the RV.

A nice plot of land, some nice landscaping, the right accessories, and
a second pad with hookups for visitors and we are all set for some fun and relaxation.

We are here till Sunday at which point we move to another Resort 
here in town for another week.   

In the interim we plan to try and catch some exhibits and see some of the sights.


  1. A second pad with hook ups!! Bessie can be there! Sue B

  2. Where are all the people...
    Looks beautiful but lonely.

  3. Think been there in 2010. Looks great! How I love this atmosphere. Let us join......
    See ya soon,
    Marcello, Zuerich, suisse

  4. Looks beautiful! It is just amazing what exists out there. The place looks gorgeous, Enjoy. Cheryl

  5. That is amazing and really could wreck you for boondocking. I know the feeling when you dock at a nice place, it is hard to leave. Your new rig looks amazing. Life on the road is tough, I know...
    Hayden and Radeen in Green Turtle Club, Bahamas


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