Sunday, July 28, 2013


Well another great time has come to a close, but no time to be sad
for the end of one adventure is merely the beginning of the next.

A week that progressed at lightening speed...  
Kate and I refer to it as "Beaufort Time".

Marcel prepared a light and dark chocolate mousse made
from Swiss Toblerone Chocolate.

The Swiss Flag

When the Mousse was ready we then went out 
to a local restaurant for Abendessen.

The Mousse and expressos was our reward that night upon our return.

One morning the Madel (girls) made pancakes for us.

Isabella made Blueberry (she absolutely loves Blueberries)
and Francesca made Banana.

Each morning they jumped into bed with Kate and the Doodles

Now familiar with the area, the girls were so proud to be able to
take their own Doodles for a walk all on their own.

If you know Kate - then you know how much she trusted the girls to let
them take the Doodles all by themselves.

Friday I had work to do so Kate took them to Fort Macon
and some other local sights, then they went to have some Pizza for lunch.

Yesterday (Saturday)  it was off on another boating expedition.
It was a picture perfect day to go to Cape Lookout.

So we loaded up the boat...

Then out Beaufort inlet into the Atlantic Ocean...
5 miles north up the coast and we are there.

We anchored fore and aft - then went swimming

Explored the beach and collected shells

Had lunch and swam some more

We even found this rare Giant Floating Walrus.
Notice the Walrus Whiskers.

Franchesa and Isabella are best Friends.

After a few wonderful hours it was time to weigh anchor.

On the way home Capt Francesca again took the helm.
Then her younger sister Isabella finally summoned up the courage
to give it a try.
Under the careful watch of Francesa - Isabella steered us down the channel
and under the Beaufort Drawbridge.

Back at the dock the girls - led the way home.

It was a perfect day and a great way to finish off a great week!

Aufwiedersehen Fluris'

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