Friday, July 26, 2013

Fondue Meets Barbecue

We've been spending the most enjoyable week with
good friends of ours from Switzerland who have come to visit with us.

Some of you will remember that in 2010 we made an Oregon Trail Themed
trip, following the westward trails blazed by the wagon trains of the 1800's.

On the way back east from that trip we made a stop at the Devils Tower in
Wyoming and made friends with fellow travelers who were traveling around the world
with their two young children.

As is often the case with RV traveling, a chance meeting leads to strong bonds
that endure the miles.   We have kept in touch over the years and have tried on a couple
of occasions to join back up, and finally our globe trotting friends have made
Coastal Carolina a port of call while on this visit to the States.

Of course the Doodles are always a highlight for the girls.
Isabella (left above)  the younger of the two has adopted the younger but larger Lucy.
Franchesca (R) - the older of the two has adopted the older Gracie.

Below the girls have dressed up Lucy

They also did it to me but that picture will not make it to press.

Isabella made a necklace for Lucy..  

Francesca made one for Gracie..

We've had early morning play time with Kate & the Doodles

The Girls have made Jewelery

We have gone swimming & Boating...
Francesca is now a qualified Sea Captain.

On our boat ride we saw some wild horses

Francesca helped Kate make Banana Bread

And everyone has been helping me with my German.

It's amazing how the young girls already know a fair amount of English.
Francesca has just finished first Grade and was reading the menu at
a restaurant to me with no problem.

When we return from the Boat or the Pool Kate - just like a mother duck - leads the way
 thru the Fire Ant hills so that no one steps on a mound

Follow me my Ducklings..

Our week is winding down but there are still more adventures remaining
for this week as well as the years ahead...

Stay tuned.


  1. You and Kate and such SPECIAL people and you both know how to make people feel at home in your home. What a great time these kids are having. Thanks for being such great friends.

  2. What a lovely time you're showing them!

    xoxoxo Kristi

  3. Just caught the humor in your clever title! :) !!


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