Friday, September 28, 2012

Maiden Voyage & Honey I cut the Boat

We took the new boat out last weekend for some quality time.
The weather was fine and the seas were pretty flat so it was perfect for putting
some break-in time on the engine and getting acquainted with the boat.

We put a bunch of miles on...  a tour of the downtown Beaufort waterfront...
Kate took the helm

Then out Beaufort Inlet into the Atlantic and a five mile run up the coast to Cape Lookout.
It was a perfect day to put the boat thru its paces.
We had 1-2' seas and got to see what she would do at full throttle.
She rode thru the chop very comfortably at full speed.

Our self portrait at the lighthouse.

Coming back into the inlet, it was rush hour at the Morehead City Port.
Several ships were docked, one was coming in the inlet, and one was
departing the docks to make room for the incoming.

Notice the tugs, pushing on the bow and stern to turn this big boy around.

After getting home it was time to start cutting some holes into the perfectly good
new boat.  (sound familiar?)

I needed to install some electronics.  A Chartplotter at the helm and a VHF radio
were my additions to make her ready for what might come our way.

Cutting holes in a new boat (or RV) are always a bit intimidating, but 
I have to say that by now it really doesn't phase me.

So a jig saw with a diamond grit blade makes fast work of the fiberglass...

Leads to The finished product

The GPS at the helm installed now passes its data to the VHF radio and vice versa.

This means that should another boat transmit a distress signal, I can see it on my chart plotter
and navigate direct to the scene.

Likewise - should I have an emergency - a single press of a button would send
a distress signal to the Coast Guard along with my exact position.

This would allow similarly equipped boats to immediately respond to our distress signal.

Not too long ago this type of equipment was only for the biggest of the big.

It's a digital world!


  1. Oh, you better RAFT THAT BOAT up to our boat out at the Cape. We will be there real soon to see how that puppy runs....count on it. The GRUET is cold and ready!

  2. Greg:

    Looks great - hopefully we can go fishing next summer when we come through on our road trip.

  3. Count on it!

    Next summer should be a fall trip so we'll be around.


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