Friday, September 21, 2012

Honey I shrunk the Boat

Well - at first the title of this post was going to be 
"Boatless in Beaufort"
since we sold ei' Lean our Island Packet 350 Sailboat.

We closed on the sale about 2 weeks ago.

Almost as soon as the ink dried however, I started looking thru boats
for sale on the internet.

At first it was a purely academic exercise...
But soon I realized that for what people were trying to get for a used boat
I could get a new one.

Kate was all for the idea...

And just a few days ago a new boat showed up in our slip.

The old

The new

The old

The new

Since we got a decent price on the sale of ei' Lean and....
Since we live on the coast...
Taking a small part of the proceeds and redirecting them into
a small powerboat was a reasonable proposition.

It's much smaller, does not have sleeping quarters, and you're not going to sail off
to the distant sunsets with it but...

Its still a way to get wet and enjoy the Ocean.

I'm going to miss ei' Lean and all the great times that we had on her
but it was time to say goodbye and move on to new things.

Maybe some day in the near future we'll have some pictures of the new
boat anchored along the shore of Lake Powell while we relax in the shade of
the Land Yacht Awning enjoying a sunset cocktail in the desert.

Stranger things have happened!


  1. That is a great boat and you will love running that out to the hook. You can sleep on our boat and we can play on your boat. Looks fun. Congrats

  2. Greg:

    Sorry to see Ei'Lean go but glad you got her sold. Bring the new one down and lets go fishing!

    PS: I like the new look of the blog.


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