Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Post

Well here is our first post. I thought that this would be a good point to put a photo of Mr. B when he was just a pup and to thank him for being such a great friend and companion for the past 8 years. We sure are gonna miss you big guy.

We started this blog so that we could share our upcoming adventures (or lack therof) with our friends.

If you enjoy it then by all means feel free to compliment me on my wonderful talents.


  1. Can't wait to see the rest

  2. I wish I could leave something truly funny, but in all seriousness. You both were the best parents any dog could want, and Molly is a "LUCKY PUP" I can't wait to babysit!!! Have fun on your vacation. Aunty J

  3. I think they only cry when they're alone. I have a feeling Molly will be sleeping with you in your bed all warm and cozy. Do they have Puppy Depends?
    Looking forward to all your stories traipsing through Europe! Have fun!

  4. the new puppy is so cute! mr.b sure was cute to as a puppy! i hope you guys are having the time of your life! you deserve it! we miss ya here and beaufort and look forward to seeing you soon!

    love ya,


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