Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Amalfi Coast

Getting out of Rome was as interesting as expected.

We picked up our rental car (just getting it was a whole story) and then proceeded to make several orbits of the same area trying to find our way thru the maze of streets, one ways, and dead ends. After the third time of saying to each other: "didn't we just pass by that building 5 minutes ago?" we found our way onto the Autostrada and finally out of the city.

The problem with my Garmin was that I had forgotten that I programmed it for walking and forgot to turn it back to automobile mode. It was figuring that since I was supposed to be walking, that I could go down one way streets and alley ways only 3 feet wide.... Whoops! Didn't remember that till we were out of town.

A few hours later we found ourselves in Paradise. What a great town - a beautiful hotel - and a room bigger than many apartments. The lap of luxury and a balcony overlooking the Med. The picture of the ocean was taken from our balcony. The picture above it is downtown Sorrento.

We just got back from walking thru town, stopped at a grocery and picked up some italian bread, cheese, capicola and salami, and some vino. Now for some alfreso dining on the balcony enjoying the sea breeze.

Tomorrow we take the train to pompeii.

Time for dinner.

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