Sunday, May 12, 2019

North to Alaska

Ok this post will be a quickee.
You like a quickee right?
Everyone likes a quickee....

We are finally back on the road.

After an action packed Fall and Winter filled with dozens of guests,
lots of laughs and a few tears....
 We are back on the road headed north to Alaska
for our third summer season.

I brought the bus back to the house this morning.
Filled the water tank with some nice soft water.

Filled the Fridge & Freezer to the bursting point.

And at 1145am we were headed down Dove Mountain Road,
the only road to/from our house,
 for one last time for this go around.

Every day for the last month or so the desert has been surprising us with new flowers.
The view of the Palo Verde Trees in Bloom were a wonderful send off.

Palo Verde on Dove Mtn Rd Marana

Our destination for night one is Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood Az,
just outside of Sedona in the Verde Valley.

Headed north on I-10 then I-17 we dropped down the 5 mile grade into the Verde Valley

5 mile 7% Grade into The Verde Valley

DHRSP is a great home base for visiting Sedona.
We've stayed here several times.
On this trip however it is just a one night stop so we chose a pull-thru site
so that we would not need to unhook the toad.

The view west from our site.

Passing showers over Mingus Mtn Cottonwood, Az

Our spot is the extreme left of the photo below.

Tomorrow is a 4 hr drive north to Page Az where we'll spend a single night
at Wahweep on Lake Powell, then on Tuesday we plan to head a couple hrs north to
Utah route 12 just west of Bryce Canyon to a small National Forest Campground
called Red Canyon, that we've stayed at before and just love.

Its first come first serve and I don't anticipate a problem (fingers crossed)
If we get a nice spot we'll probably hang there for 5 days or so and let the Canadian
Victoria 4 day weekend get passed before we venture into Canada.

We might stop at Yellowstone and hang there over Memorial Day at another nice
National Forest Campground that we love....

Then again - we might must make a dash north to Dawson Creek BC and get
a head start on the Alaska Highway.

Time will tell.

Stay tuned....   we're back in action.


  1. We're a bit ahead of you. Hope to make it to Dawson Creek tomorrow or Tuesday.

    1. We'll catch up to you at some point. Safe travels!

  2. We’ll be keeping up with y’all and this trip, we’re planning to head for Alaska next year ourselves.

    1. Maybe we'll see you in Q this winter again??

  3. YAHOOOOO, the Party BUS has HIT the ROAD. We are along for the ride.
    Hayden in Bequia!

    1. You two keep having fun. We're following your lead. Smooth sailing.

  4. And you both do the same. Say hey to Jim. Miss you guys!

  5. Enjoy the journey! We hit the road on Wednesday for our summer and fall travels. I had a wonderful time in NC visiting family but hated that we didn't get to come see you guys while we were both in the Tucson area. Safe travels! Look so forward to your blogs! Hugs to you, Kate and the Doodles.

  6. Safe travels. We're in Colorado heading to Utah and Southern California for our gradddaughters graduation. Then we head north.


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