Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Escape to 7 Feathers

Well we got blown off of the Oregon Coast.
While Winchester Bay was quite beautiful...
the 70mph winds got to be a bit much!

So...  we relocated from the coast to 7 Feathers in Canyonville, Oregon.
The map below shows the route.

For some perspective:
The bottom of the map is the California State Line.
The top is Portland, Oregon.

We had planned on staying here for 12 days but after 7 days of rain and
hurricane force winds we decided that we wanted to go somewhere that we could walk the dogs
without fear of them being blown away.

The locals are used to this.

We saw them sitting out side in all but the worst rain.

Our campfire ring was filled with water, but a guy nearby was sitting there with his
campfire going in a downpour.   Ugggg!

We had closed up the slides  due to the high winds and were living in a tin can.
The forecast was for at least 10 more days of this....
Our house was shaking from the wind...  and our doodles were soaked!
Time to re-evaluate!

Before we left however...  we needed to make one final trip to the beach.
With thousands of miles of fetch - the Pacific is an impressive ocean.

The storm waves were impressive.

Not exactly a good day to go swimming.

The winds at this point were about 45kts and we were getting sandblasted as we walked. 

So...   one of the GREAT things about this Full Time Lifestyle is....
If you don't like the weather.....

We decided to head inland away from the coast.
The drive from Reedsport, Oregon to I-5 follows the Umpqua River
and is very scenic.

Our destination for the next 7 nights was 7 Feathers RV Resort.

Most of our West Coast Followers know 7 Feathers very well and no explanation is necessary.

Our East Coast followers however might not be as familiar with 7 Feathers.

Its owned by a Native American Tribe and consists of a Casino, 
Truck Stop, and RV Park.

The folks at 7 Feathers do it right.
The park is well laid out, has wonderful amenities, is landscaped beautifully,
and maintained impeccably.

When you arrive, you pull under a portico to check in, so if it was raining you would not
even get wet checking in.

Someone is always there to open the door for you.

When you check in - someone will lead you to your space.
The spaces are well laid out, decently spaced, well landscaped, and
have all the features...
Cable TV, 50Amp FHU

Kate and I have gotten into a routine.....
 3pm (6pm work time on the east coast)
Head to the clubhouse for a dip in the pool and hot tub.

The pool, hot tub (on right) showers in the rear. 

Another view of our site.

Our plan is to hang here for a week.

The weather wont be perfect, but at least we can have the slides open and get some
walking in with the Doods.

Not sure where we'll go after here but the rough plan is Ashland, Or,   
There is an interesting county park on a lake (Emigrant Lake) that I have been eyeing, 
and Ashland looks like it could be an neat artsy town with

Then down to
Redding or Red Bluff, California, then  after that, perhaps Napa Ca for a bit before 
we head to Ron & Maxines for the holidays.


Thank you everyone for the emails about Gracie.

Finally after a month  - she seems to be getting better.
She is back to barking at dogs on TV and is starting to be her old self again.

I have been nursing her for a month now and I looks like its starting to pay off.

We were worried but I think we have finally turned the corner.

Thanks again for all of your concerns.


  1. I too was worried about GRACIE, My LOVE. Our hearts were down thinking that she was taking it rough. Good job on nursing her back to her playful self. LOVE THOSE DOODLES. The high winds on the coast had to be NO FUN at all. Good decision to move inland. Your new place looks really nice. Thanks for the beautiful photos. We have no desire to sail that coast.

    1. Hayden, This coast is for a hardy individual for sure. Once you get further north I the cruising grounds get pretty awesome though.

  2. Yeah I'm glad Gracie is getting better!

    1. Thank you Rose. She is back to her usual annoying self. LOL


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