Thursday, April 27, 2017

Some Luxury in Las Vegas

After leaving Tucson, we headed back up to Phoenix and 
Lake Pleasant Regional Park with Ron & Maxine.

We spent 4 nights there before we once again said good-bye and
they headed home and we slowly continued to work our way north.

My only disappointment with our visits with Jim, Kristi, Ron, and Maxine has been that
I have been locked up all day and much of the night working.
They came from far away to visit with us and I was MIA much of the time.

Sorry guys!
Hopefully next time wont be so crazy.

We have relocated the Party Bus back to Las Vegas for the past week
and are staying at the luxurious Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort

The view from our front window

We love it here.
Las Vegas is fun and has a lot to do.
Walk the hotels, great restuarants etc, but its not the Vegas Lifestyle that we enjoy so much...
It the peace and beauty of this Motorcoach Resort.

It feels like you are on a tropical island - but without the bugs and damn humidity!

Our site #162 is a premium lot with a full kitchen, grill, and Palapas  providing shade.

The weather has been absolutely delightful.
Temps in the 80's with nice breezes.
The jasmine is blooming and the air is filled with the sweet scent.

Coffee time

While here I put new heavier weight tires on the truck.
This is in anticipation of some of the rough roads in Alaska and the Yukon which
we intend to travel later this year.

I get a steep discount from my Motorcoach Association on Michelin Tires.
I saved about $700 on the tires for the Coach a couple of months ago, and
saved $300 for the tires on the truck.

We have been enjoying cocktail hour (diet coke for me) every night.

In anticipation of the mud to come, I took this opportunity to put a protective layer of
Acrylic Sealant, followed by a coat of Carnuba wax on the bus.

How does that shine look?
Trust me... in a month or so its gonna be looking rough.

I've been good.  I've been dieting and staying away from all the good stuff but
no trip to paradise would be complete without my having one proper cocktail hour
followed by some good grilled meat.

Marcel & Michaela brought me this wonderful gin from Europe last winter.

I was introduced to it by a sailboat buddy about 5 yrs ago and it was love at first sight.
It is smooth and has this citrus fresh flavor.
As far as I know you cannot buy it in the US
(if anyone knows that you can - please let me know)

So...  for my "bad night" I made a delicious Martini...

Followed by a pair of Fillets on the grill.
Kate made some mashed potatos and a salad and it was a great meal!

Of course that meant I needed to do some extra miles so we made some serious
laps around the beautiful resort with the doodles.
This place has 5 swimming pools and hot tubs!

Its hard to believe that we are in the desert!

No trip to Vegas is complete without at least taking a walk downtown and visiting some
of the beautiful and interesting Hotels & Casinos.

You can visit Paris

I had never been inside the Bellagio Hotel so that was in my sights this time.

It was another hotel with Wow Factor!

I was particularly impressed with how clean, bright, and colorful it was.

Shopping area in Bellagio Hotel
It was hard to get this picture with my iPhone, but the reception area was beautiful.
Behind reception, light from above flooded in lighting up all the fresh flowers and colorful painting.

A beautiful atrium in Bellagio

The beautiful Bellagio Pool Area.

Anyone for a swim?
Another picture of the Atrium in Bellagio.

We put quite a few miles and many floors up and down on the feet and
we returned to the truck worn out and ready to head back to the bus.

Tomorrow is our last day here and we have errands to run.
First thing in the morning is off the great dog wash where we will give the Doodles
their Pre-Alaskan Bath.

Some food shopping etc and then Saturday morning
we head 300 miles north into the Wasatch Mountains just east of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The plan is to spend a week or so at Deer Creek State Park just outside of Heber City, Ut.
The temps will be much cooler than here so it will be a good
conditioning for our bodies which have become acclimatized to these
warm sunny temps.

Its time to head for the cooler temps as we have places to be and people to see.


  1. That Las Vagas motor coach resort looks fantastic. I could make that a home for several months. Sorry about the crazy tax time work schedule, that cannot be easy plus it's stressful. Great job on the workout program, health is number one! Great post, thank you!
    Hayden in BVI

  2. What a gorgeous resort! I'd much rather stay there and enjoy the peacefulness as well. I've been to vegas 1 time and had a blast. That's when the drinking age was 18 and I was 19! Lol! Be safe and have fun!


  3. Beeeeautiful! I love that you're stopping to enjoy yourselves and not traveling every day...that's my kind of pace. Hoping for you the workload will slow down soon. Have a good trip tomorrow. Lisa

  4. We're in Klamath Falls and practicing for the Alaska temps. It was 27 degrees this morning.

  5. Boy I wish I was on my way to Alaska another year 7 months and 15 days to go.

  6. Awesome. I want go to Deer Creek.

    1. Finally got this to work. Now if I could only write a proper sentence...


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