Friday, July 15, 2016

Camp Freightliner - Gaffney, SC

Back on the Road

Weds morning I headed out of Dodge...
My destination about 380 miles southwest in Gaffney SC just a tad
southwest of Charlotte on I-85.

It is here in Gaffney that the Chassis for the Motorhome is made by
Freightliner Custom Coach in a 200,000 sq ft manufacturing plant.

Near the factory Freightliner has set up a school and service center
devoted exclusively to the custom coach line.

Coming here you are assured of getting the cream of the crop in mechanics
who understand your chassis inside and out.

Since I wanted to go to the Tiffin Factory in Red Bay, Al for some repairs,
and FCCC is pretty much on the way - I was on the wait list to obtain a seat in the
factory class taught to Chassis Owners.

When FCCC emailed me that a seat became available I jumped on the opportunity.

Entering Gaffney it becomes evident what is grown around here.

The School & Service Center is located next to the Community College in a very nice area.

The class covers numerous areas of the chassis including operation and maintenance.
It is geared for the owner and taught by a long time factory mechanic who
really knows these chassis's inside and out.

The course included a ton a material including a 400 page binder with a lot of the information
tailored specifically to my unit.

I had heard that the first day starts off a bit slow but by the second day you are
being force fed  information by a fire hose and I have to agree.

I personally wish that the pace would have started off quicker and then
the second days info could have been covered a bit more in detail
but overall I still have to say that it was very worthwhile I was able to learn quite a bit.

The waiting list for service is currently about 6 weeks out, so when I arrived I asked
to be put on the "work-in" list.    If they have some extra time they will "work you in"

The second day I was able to get the Bus in for its 3-year service so all is set
for the part of the motorhome that actually takes us down the road...  the Chassis.
It got professionally serviced by some of the best in the business and at a very
reasonable price to boot!

Two of my classmates. 
Patricia & Sarah.

The tuition included lunch both days and dinner on Thursday.
Tonight (Friday) I went for some takeout and tried some of the local barbecue.

The Service center has about 20 spaces with 50 amp service and a dump station on site.
The price is free so that can't be beat.   
All sites are first come and, of course, are for people who are scheduled, or "work-ins" like me.

Tomorrow - Saturday - I will make the 450 mile trip west to Red Bay
and just like last year - take my place in line waiting for my turn to get
some factory Maintenance on the other part of the Motorhome - The Coach...
The part that we live in.

The picture below illustrates the two parts of the motorhome.

I have some modifications to be made, some painting of an access panel that I lost last
winter in California, and some minor maintenance.

While at the factory this time I plan to visit the paint shop that I did not have time to
visit last year.

See you in Red Bay.


  1. That's a lot of miles in a day. It would take us three days to cover 450.

  2. Glad to hear your class was so worthwhile! And BBQ on paper plate is always the best kind!


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