Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunrises & Sunsets

A number of readers have emailed me asking about my favorite
Sunrise or Sunset, or what place did we enjoy the most and the least.

Today I thought that I would tackle the sunrises & sunsets and perhaps in
another post try and reflect on the latter.

Please bear in mind however that with over 4,700 photos taken,
 it's an impossible task to go back and select the best of the best,
so I just grabbed some that caught my eye.
For me, that is both the blessing and the curse of digital photography...
So many photos....   so little time.



Mc Dowell Mtn Park
Outside of Fountain Hills, Az

Every morning here we started the new day with an amazing sunrise.
Here are 4 different days.

 Quartzsite, Az

In Quartzsite the 5-star sunrises were less frequent but we
still had a couple of amazing days.

This was a single morning and shows the progression of light and color.

Imperial Dam LTVA
North of Yuma, Az

Catching a good sunrise requires 2 things:  
Getting out early...   and patience.

A morning might look like it is not going to be special but as you wait
the light and color constantly changes minute to minute.
Get out and wait...  see what develops.


Santa Catalina Mountains
Catalina State Park North of Tucson, Az

Almost every night the residents of the Greater Tucson area are treated
to a communal light show....
The setting of the days sun and the red glow of the Catalinas.

Cave Creek County Park, Az
Northwest Phoenix Metro

Quartzsite, Az
At the Montana Circle.

Gilbert Ray County Park
West of Tucson, Az

Gilbert Ray during the day...
It's such a beautiful Sonoran Desert setting I just had to post one day shot.

Rockhound SP above Deming, NM
Sunset and a comet.

Matagorda County Park
On the Gulf - Matagorda, Tx

East Bank ACOE Campground - Lake Seminole, Fl.
I liked the silhouette of the family enjoying the end of the day.

Finally...  home.
The view from the front porch.

And an oddball nod to my Non-Landyacht  sailing side....

December 2011 Sailing the Trade Winds across the Atlantic,
150 miles off the coast of Morocco enroute to
Grenada via the Canary Islands.

As said in the song " horse with no name" the Ocean is really a type of Desert too.


  1. Great photos - love sunrise and sunset.

    We are entering the last four nights in the Caribbean this season with a clear western view. Have taken a few sunset photos but none to match yours. Hoping to get lucky with just one more "Green Flash".

  2. One of the greatest sunsets of all time was when we were approaching the coast of Barbados... Our course to Grenada took us just south of the island.

    The clouds and the colors were some of the most stunning that I've ever seen... The sun was setting behind the island and made this amazing dramatic display.... Unfortunately my camera had died and my iPhone had no power.

    So I had to record it in my mind and that is where it lingers.

  3. Awe and energy in the morning peace and contentment at night- beautiful!

  4. Dang, Greg! THAT was a wonderful compilation of photos!!!!!! Yummmmmy and to think we shared some of them....warms the cockells of my heart! xoxoxo kristi & Jim

  5. Greg:
    Fantastic photos, and stories. I like the set up of sunrises and sunsets. Your blog work is so impressive. Congrats! See you in May.

  6. Love it! What beautiful pictures! Thank so much for sharing! T


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