Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Land Yacht Commeth

Coming soon to a blog near you...

We set off on our newest adventure...

The map shows our preliminary route.

Our plan is to rent an RV in Alabama (already done) and set off in the path of the pioneers and follow the Oregon Trail from Kansas thru South Pass Wyoming.  This would be about 1/2 of the trip that those crazy emigrants made over several decades in the mid 1800's.

From there (we are now in my old stomping grounds) we will head North thru the Tetons, Yellowstone, the Bighorns, and the Black Hills with alot of surprises along the way.   Eventually - back in the mid-west we will turn south and perhaps spend a day or two in the land between the lakes.

Join us as we hitch our Doodles up to Wagon and cross the plains and ford the streams in search of....   well what the heck are we searching for anyway??   Fun...  that's it.  Fun and excitement.

Join us.   The journey begins Labor Day.

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