Monday, March 2, 2009

Houston.... Insanity Base here.. The Doodle has landed

A quick flight to Detroit - a connection to Moline, IL - a handoff at the airport followed by another flight with a doodle-in-a-crate to Minneapolis and finally a last flight back to Albany and voila - we become a Dual-Doodle household.

Gracie and her new bud Lucy immediately became best of friends.
Now we just need to get Lucy her sea-legs and we'll all be good to go!


  1. Lucie and Gracie's coloring match so well! They really seem to complement each other perfectly. Congratulations!

  2. Sorry I can't spell! I meant Lucy and Gracie!


  3. wow 2 that is amazing she looks so cute so since camille never uses her computer i will....hiya guys hope your both enjoying the warm weather cause it sucks in northern NJ....


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