Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hilton Head/Savannah Ga

As mentioned in our last post - we arrived in Hilton Head
yesterday afternoon and are staying here for a few days over
the Easter Weekend.

Our new home is the Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort & Marina

Our timing was perfect in several respects...

First - Thursday night my MIFI (internet device) decided to
stop working leaving me stranded and unable to work.
I hate when that happens.

Second - My truck has been due for an oil change and I didn't want to push
it all the way home without getting it done soon if possible.

So after we arrived yesterday I was able to find a Verizon store and replace
my MiFI.  The Verizon store was only about 4 miles from were we are staying.
The guy there was on top of his game and 15 minutes later I was out the door.

Then this morning I went to a Ford Dealership nearby for new filters
and 13 Fresh Quarts of Rotella T6  5w-40 Synthetic Oil.   
The Diesel is a hungry machine and must be fed...  
I like to feed it the best I can buy as it will cost me less in the long run.

The Ford Dealer was only about 10 miles from the RV Park.
I was in...  and out...  in about 40 minutes....    Sweet!

Just like that...  both jobs done and we are back in business - no muss, no fuss.

Our current locale - while an RV Park - its not too shabby for living life large.

We have a nice side and back yard.

A very pretty Resort on the Intracoastal Waterway with lots of Mature
Live Oak Trees and landscaping.   We have a couple hundred
cable channels, and garbage is picked up at the end of the driveway.

There is a Marina here with services plus dockage.

All of the lots here are privately owned and the Resort manages them for the owners
so we are actually renting someones' space that they might use during the year.

Perhaps they come in the summer to enjoy one of the two pools.

Or just the tropical/residential feel of the neighborhood.

This morning after I finished up the last of my service calls, I got back to the Rig,
picked Kate up and we headed about 25 miles into Savannah, Ga to
see the sights.

First we headed down the hill to the water front and strolled along all of the
Old buildings.

Savannah is a busy seaport.

Up the hill in town there are numerous small parks,
many are surrounded by stately mansions.

The Presbyterian church steeple peers thru the spanish moss.

Meanwhile some familiar faces peer back at us.

We stopped at a local English Style Pub for a late lunch.
Kate had a Prime Rib Sandwich with Potato Salad and
I had a burger with Potato Salad and a Draught Dark Guiness Stout.

After lunch it was time to hit the trail back to the RV.

Its now cocktail hour/blogging hour.
The birds are chirping, its about 75 degrees, sunny and dry.

I'm sitting here with a cold cocktail, a working internet connection,
and a truck with fresh Rotella....

Not too shabby for the East Coast.


  1. You are lucky to have taken care of things so quickly. Try to remember that next time things don't roll smoothly along! We ate at Paula Dean's in Savannah last fall. Fun!

  2. You're the Action Man, for sure! Your place looks pretty Heavenly for Easter Sunday. Cheers to you, love the shots of Savanah....lunch sounded grrrrreat! xoxox Kristi

  3. Not sure how long you are staying but a good place for dinner is the Pink House and an interesting place for lunch is Mrs Wilkes Boarding House.

    Enjoy the area and don't "WORK" to hard.


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